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Top Responsibilities of a Real Estate Builder in India

Do you want to enter into the real estate business and build beautiful houses? Then the job of the real estate builder is just right for you. It is a very profitable as well as fulfilling where you can see your images on the paper come true brick by brick. If you want to put your name alongside the best builders and real estate developersin Delhi, then you have to follow some basic code of ethics in your business dealings. Here we will like to point out to you some of the basic rules that you have to follow to build a reputation of a professional real estate builder.

1). For good and professional real estate builders in Delhi or any place else, it is important that they keep the safety and well being of all their workers on their building sites uppermost in their mind. They must take every precaution so that no accident happens at any of their building sites due to negligence.

2). Always follow all the building codes of the area where you are building a house or a complex of flats. Never try to make any illegal extensions that is not in the building plan because it is not only against the law but can damage the structural integrity of the house that you are building.

3). Always keep in mind that the buyers of your flats are making an enormous investment when they buy your property. Therefore, it is up to you to keep their interest topmost in your mind while building properties for them.

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4). When you undertake any civil work always try to stick to your area of competence. Never take a big project about which you did not have any previous experience or skills to conclude successfully.

5). To make sure that the name of your company is taken with the best builders and real estate developers in Delhi, you must never indulge in any unfair practices and keep all your transactions above board. In this way you will create a goodwill in the market for being a professional and ethical builder. This goodwill will go a long way in securing future contracts.

6). Always use the best quality materials while building any flats so that the final product not only looks great but is also qualitatively offers the buyers the highest quality and a robust structure.

7). When you are entering into any contract with the buyers make sure that all the expenses are fully accounted for and there are no hidden expenses that your customers might have to bear later on.

8). As a builder, you have to follow all the rules and regulations that the municipality or the state government where the property is situated have enacted for the real estate.

The recent Real Estate Regulation and Amendment Act of 2016 passed by the central government give the state government the power to regulate the real estate sector. This law also provides for 5 years of warranty relating to any structural damages to the building that you want to build. This will entail builders to use only good quality materials in their line of work. When RERA is implemented fully across the country, proper care would be taken to protect the interest of the consumers.