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The Transformation of Memory Foam Mattresses into Cooling Mattresses

Cooling Mattresses

Instead of trying to dig too deep into matters of memory foam to understand its features and functionality, an easier way could be to refer to the Memory Foam Talk Top 10 selection of the review website dedicated to mattresses only. Here, you could get quick and reliable guidance that helps in better understanding of the different types of memory foams available in the market.  In this article, we will discuss the traditional memory foam, air cool memory foam and gel memory foam that you would typically come across.

Traditional memory foam

It has happened many times that some discoveries that had the purpose of an industrial application at its heart became the staple choice for domestic use and found extensive application in consumer products. The traditional memory foam was the design of NASA in the sixties with the intention of enhancing the safety of aircraft cushions at the time of launching. Today it is the most common mattress material.

Cooling Mattresses

Viscoelastic is a petroleum-based substance used for making memory foam. It is capable of adjusting the body weight through equitable distribution across the entire surface of the mattress and is highly energy absorbent. The properties of memory foam enable it to disperse the body weight thereby transferring pressure.  For those suffering from body pain, memory foam provides the right support to the body at the right places thus giving relief. Besides creating a soft and cozy support to the body, the foam releases the pressure points to increase comfort. Moreover, memory foam is anti-microbial and reduces the possibilities of mites and bugs.

Air Cool Memory Foam

Heat retention is one of the biggest complaints against memory foam mattresses that happen due to the high density of the material. When you sleep on memory foam mattress, you would not feel the softness right from the start. As the foam absorbs the temperature from the body, it starts to get soft, and gradually you feel the softness. However, the heat remains within the layers of the mattress, and you might not feel as comfortable as you would expect. To mitigate the discomfort of users, manufacturers have introduced air cool memory foam. The technology makes provision for extracting the heat from the foam while the body temperature helps to soften the foam surface. It ensures that the mattress cools down as you enjoy the cradle like embracing of the soft mattress material.

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Gel Memory Foam

Since cooling is an essential aspect that users emphasize upon, manufacturers have come up with Gel Memory foam that besides producing the cooling effect increases the durability of mattresses. Also, it arrests motion transfer when one of the partners in bed has disturbed sleep and tends to remain active during sleep. The sleeping partner does not get disrupted due to the activity of the other person.  Like the traditional foam, it releases the pressure points of the body thereby giving more comfort and relief from pain.

The higher durability of gel Memory foam translates into longer warranties and better value for money.

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