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Water Leaking from the Top of Hot Water System

Water Leaking

Many people find that after a few years of using a hot water system, water starts to leak from the top of the tank. This leakage is not normal, and you must address the situation without delay. Like any other plumbing problem, neglecting to tackle the issue on time can only result in further issues and high repair costs. The best way to avoid these issues is to invest in a good brand’s hot water system.

Also, you must maintain the unit regularly to avoid all kinds of problems. However, if you are facing this issue, as mentioned, call us without delay. We at Hero Plumbing are a leading company in this industry. Over the years, we have handled a wide range of plumbing issues for clients across the region. Here is some information about what causes this issue and how you can tackle it.

What Causes this Problem?

In most cases, water leaking out of the top of your water system is caused due to issues with the temperature and pressure valve or TPV. At times the pressure relief valve leaks if it is open. If the leakage is just some drops, you can wait for a couple of days to determine whether it is a continuing problem. If it is, replacing the valve is the only solution.

While you can handle the job yourself, it is best to hire a commercial Plumber Sydney that would help you with pressure relief valve replacement. Our team of experts can handle the task efficiently and quickly, and you do not have to worry about these issues again. Dripping water is quite a minor problem; however, if you find that there is a lot of water pooling under the water heater, you need to be alarmed.

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Excessive water leakage from the top of your water heater unit is a serious problem. In case the leakage is profuse, and you notice that there is a large amount of water accumulating at the base of the unit, you would need to call in a plumber without delay. It is necessary to take precautions because this indicates that the water is trying to relieve the excessive pressure within the tank by leaking out the water, and it is boiling as well.

Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Services

As mentioned at the outset, maintenance of the plumbing systems is vital, and you need to get preventive plumbing maintenance done. As part of the service, our team of experts will visit your property and inspect all the plumbing systems. They will also check the water heater, to ensure that all of the components are working. It’s an excellent way to maintain the performance and functionality of the system.

For any more information about ourHot Water Service Sydney, feel free to call Hero Plumbing at 1300 437 688. You can also request a through this form. We have different  at different times, find the latest discounts and offers on this page.

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