Lord Krishna’s Teachings That Everyone Should Adopt in Their Lives

For centuries, the religious teachings of Lord Krishna have held an essential place in the Indian culture.These teaching were not only effective in earlier times but also hold true at the present. Lord Krishna’s teachings are found in the holy book of Bhagwad Gita. The Lord Krishna delivered these teachings on the battlefield of Mahabharata. These teachings were delivered to counsel the Arjun and teach him the path of righteousness. Through these teachings, Lord Krishna propagates the message of simple and happy living. These teachings are divided into eighteen chapters in the Bhagwad Gita. The Lord Krishna’s teachings mainly focus on various aspects of human lives.

Under these teachings, the Krishna has covered many subjects such as nature of the self, need to restrain one’s mind and senses, the vision of universal God, the reincarnation of the soul etc. Today, we are not aware of Lord Krishna’s teachings with the passing of time, we have drawn away from our culture. We have lost connection with our Indian virtues and practices. Hence, we are not unable to embody these teachings in our daily lives. Here some of the important Lord Krishna’s teaching that every individual should know and adopt in their lives.

7 Lord Krishna’s Teachings That Every Individual Should Adopt

Lord Krishna’s Teachings

In Bhagwad Gita, the Lord Krishna states that every individual should pass through three stages of life. These stages or paths are- Jnana yoga, Karma yoga, and Karma Sanyasa yoga. You can’t understand these teaching without the help of Sanskrit scholar or a priest. If you want to follow these teaching, then you have to understand the philosophy of Krishna. For that, you need to know about his teaching. Here are the seven Lord Krishna’s teachings that everyone should know.

  1. Understand that this world is a materialistic world. Nothing is permanent in this world. All things in this world are deluded. They are a source of suffering to humans. Hence, it is important to lead the path of devotion.
  1. Self-realization is important for every individual. The true path can’t be attained without realizing oneself. During the process of self-realization, one must question one’s existence and should try to know one’s purpose of living.
  1. Internal desires and senses are the main reasons of digression in an individual. It is important to subdue these desires as only then, an individual can achieve stability in the mind, and perform the self-realization.
  1. Use your intelligence and comprehend the difference between the right and wrong, real and illusion, evil and good etc. You can attain this knowledge only by cultivating your mind or using your “buddhi” if you don’t use your knowledge in the right way, then ignorance will veil your wisdom and judgment.
  1. One should believe in Karma. As one’s actions are not sole actions but the resultant of inner desires. Even, not performing one’s obligatory duties is termed as bad Karma. Hence, it is important to think twice before performing an action.
  1. Believe in the presence of almighty God. He is the real doer behind all actions and sufferings. Devote yourself to worshipping him and reciting his praises. Surrender yourself to the Lord and he will protect you from all sufferings.
  1. Be pious in your actions. Know the true meaning of devotion. Surrender and sacrifice yourself to the Lord completely. By doing this, only then you will become his true devotee. After connecting to the Lord, he will take your responsibility and manage all your affairs.
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Follow the above-mentioned Lord Krishna’s teachings in your life. These teachings will connect you to Lord Krishna. If you want to know more about Lord Krishna and his teachings, then visit Iskcon Dwarka. It is Krishna’s temple, wherein Krishna consciousness is practiced religiously.

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