Specs of LG G7 are superb

Most people are in the favor of the LG G6 smartphone, says good ergonomics, quality display, good performance and battery endurance. Yes, and moisture protection with impact resistance is not necessary to write off. Keeping in view all the qualities of LG G6, we can surely say that the upcoming typhoon LG G7 will definitely bring its innovative technologies to light for its LG G7.

 Screen and protection

The display at the LG G6 is really good – bright, contrast. However, it would be strange to expect anything different from the manufacturer, which is called, “the dog ate” on the screens, and not only smartphones. This time we can expect many latest features for its LG G7 as for the next year company has to compete with its major competitors like Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8, so LG needs to upgrade all the features, bring hi-class technology in order to get in the league.

Even during the presentation of the smartphone, LG gave his phablet and sink in an aquarium. Indeed, in most cases with LG G6, nothing happens, even if it accidentally slips out of your hands, for example, on the asphalt. But if you are devilishly lucky and smart to fall, for example, on a sharp rock and even under a bad angle, glass Gorilla Glass it does not protect, so that still more careful. And yes, despite all the standards and certifications, metal housing, alas, is not protected from scratches. Hope the upcoming beast LG G7 will follow the same extreme protection activity with LG G7.

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I drop the LG G6 did not, but he had to swim. However, not in the tank, and the pouring rain Taiwan (the feelings, it’s like a bucket of water, which you poured on his head every 5 minutes). LG G6 steadfastly endured the test, and its operation is not affected.

LG G7 – to buy or not

The price of LG G6 is big – 881.999 USD. In comparison to it, the expected starting price of LG G7 is about 93.330 USD. Is it worth it to spend on the flagship of the Korean manufacturer, or add a little and buy another Korean manufacturer’s flagship?


If we talk about the camera of LG G6, it is disappointing at some points. The quality of photos taken in low light conditions, frankly, weak. Yes, and a 5-megapixel camera at the front – it’s still not enough, have also two lenses – one shooting angle is 100 degrees and the second standard 87. Selfies obtained good only in good light. All in all, one benefit of the G6 camera is to take pictures using the previous image as a guide to get the most similar frames and make them, for example, SIFCO. The high-class camera of LG G7 will make you grin with its top class features. The 12MP front camera is rocking and 22MP Dual lens back camera is one of the terrific features of this upcoming warrior LG G7. And finally, you can make a collage of six pictures or videos.