Top 10 Interview Tips for Guys

Going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first job interview after graduating or you’re applying for a job that you really want. Here are ten of the top interview tips for guys.

  1. Have a firm handshake

This is probably the first thing that you will do, so getting it right is sure to make a great impression. A bad handshake can make it seem like you don’t have much confidence, so have a firm handshake but don’t be aggressive.

  1. Dress well

The way you dress could play a part in whether or not you get hired. Apart from making sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed, you should choose good colors and styles too. Blue suits are considered the best choice for guys when attending interviews.

  1. Have a friendly smile

As well as your great handshake, you should have a friendly smile so that you seem approachable and polite. Be careful of smiling too much though, as this can make it seem like you are a joke and won’t take the job seriously. You may also need to be firm with people in certain situations, such as if you are managing a team.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Rather than looking away when you are speaking to the interview panel, maintain good eye contact, both when you are speaking to them and when they are talking to you. This helps you to appear more confidence and calm, even if you are feeling very nervous.

  1. Be organised

Bring along a briefcase or bag in which to keep your documents and other paperwork needed for the interview. You may have been asked to bring along identification, qualification certificates or even materials for a presentation.

  1. Hygiene is important

Turning up with bad breath, body odor or unwashed clothing and unbrushed hair is a sure way to ensure you don’t get offered the job. Businesses want employees who are clean, tidy and proud of their appearances.

  1. Show up on time

Don’t arrive too early, but showing up 15 minutes before the start time shows that you are reliable and punctual. Running late is one of the worst things you can do for an interview, and in order to be considered for the role, you would have to compensate greatly in the actual interview.

  1. Research the company beforehand

You will probably be asked what you already know about the company, so you should have a few things to say during this part in order to avoid looking disorganized and not bothered about the job. You can always used this time to ask some questions of your own and generate conversation and interest.

  1. Do some planning the day before

Don’t wake up that morning and suddenly start trying to find your clothes and other essentials for the interview. Get everything in order the night before so that you can rest assured everything is in hand.

  1. Have a polite manner

Don’t come across as arrogant and always be polite. Use manners when declining or accepting drinks, seats, and anything else you are offered – it will go a long way and will create long-lasting positive impressions.