Web hosting, domain, and websites go hand in hand. For any business or an individual to create and use a website, a domain and web hosting services are necessary along with an array of other services such as building a website and maintaining it.

While those who are in the field of information technology have a good idea about the process and can figure things for themselves, not everyone has the same ease when handling websites. But in a scenario where more and more customers are depending on the internet to know about a brand and make purchases, it has become essential for every business to have a website.

Owning a website is no longer enough. Frequently updating it is also necessary. But first, a website has to be created and hosted on a server for it to be accessed by the customers. A website can be hosted on various platforms. Linux is one such platform that is commonly used by many businesses. It is a reliable and flexible hosting option available in the market.

What is Linux?

It is always advisable to know at least the basics before venturing into something that is entirely alien to us. Before looking for Linux web hosting in India, let us first see what Linux actually is. Linux is a free, open-source group of software operating systems. It acts as a mediator between the computer application, system software, and hardware that runs and powers the programs.

The advantage of using open-source software is flexibility. The source code can be altered to suit the requirements of the business so that the website is exactly as the business owner wants it to be. Being common and reliable software used by many around the world, Linux has a good support team that is constantly working on upgrading the software and ensuring that there are no errors.

Why Use Linux Web Hosting

There are many reasons to choose Linux web hosting for the website. Let us take a look at some of those.


Start-ups and new businesses, individuals who are freelancing and have a limited budget can easily opt for Linux web hosting. It is a budget-friendly option that also allows them to make the required changes to the software.

Control Over Backend

Having control over the backend functioning of the website and hosting services will make it easy for the businesses to make the necessary changes as and when required and stay up to date.


Linux is compatible with most computer applications and CMS tools that are required for the developers to build the website. Linux likes to share the developer’s toolkit with the developers. Businesses should always keep an eye out for additional offers offered by the web hosting service providers.


We have already talked about Linux being flexible. Linux gives the developers and the business owners access to many features such as a variety of control panels, multiple PHP versions, and numerous database options apart from MySQL.

Largest Community

Linux is one of the largest communities in the world. This means that Linux has active support and technical team that is constantly working to make the software better for the customers. Also, business owners can interact with others using Linux and exchange information or clear their doubts.


Data security is a major concern with so many hackers hacking the websites of even the top most brands in the industry. Linux servers have a strong security system with many features. Though this doesn’t guarantee complete protection (no server can do that), it reduces the threat of data loss to a great extent.

Fast Load Times

Linux allows various computer applications to run smoothly on it. The lightweight design makes it easy to speed up the load times and offer better uptime. By customized caching, websites don’t face the risk of crashing frequently when overloaded.

Whenlooking for Linux web hosting in India, the following are some pointers to keep in mind.

  • What are the uptimes and load times offered by the company?
  • Does the company provide free SSL certificates and backup services?
  • What are the discounted or free offers given by the web hosting service provider?
  • Does the company provide 24*7 technical support and help troubleshooting errors?
  • Services vs. Pricing
  • For how long has the company been providing web hosting services?
  • Comparative analysis between two or more web hosting service providers to understand which of them is providing better services.
  • Does the company offer one-click installation services?
  • What are the different types of service packages provided by the company?
  • Which of the packages is best suitable for the business?

Contact a reliable and trustworthy web hosting service provider to know more about Linux web hosting.

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