Juicer machine helps crush, squash and squeeze fruits and vegetables extracting healthy and nutritious juices. Not only are these juices good for health, they also provide the much-needed nutrients to the body in the form of vitamins, minerals and fibres. In fact, they are so popular amongst kids that even if they do not like to eat fruits in their raw form, they are happy to drink natural juices and shakes.

Types of Juice Machines

There are two types of juicers can manual and electrical, moreover, electrical juicer machines are of three types:

  1. The centrifugal juicer where the fruit and the vegetable are pierced and cut by a flat blade and then the material is rotated at a great speed so that the pulp is separated and the juice is extracted evenly.
  2. Masticating juicer machines use metal blades to crush the pulp for extraction of the juice.
  3. Triturating juicers is a juicer in which the fruit or the vegetable is crushed from both the directions so as to derive fine quality juice.

While buying juicer machine for your kitchen, it is good to check the following criteria:

  1. The motor of the juicer and its capability is an important aspect. It is advisable to check the wattage and other specification of the motor before confirming a purchase.
  2. The speed of the machine is another critical consideration. Usually juicer machines have a control knob so that the speed can be controlled by you. Most good quality juicers have at least three options – slow, moderate and fast. These days, of course, there are electronic speed controllers as well.
  3. The other important consideration is the number of jars that are provided with the juicer. Most of the times, the juicer, the mixer and the grinder are all part of the same machine there by making the whole process a lot easier.

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