Alwar- a princely city that still oozes the old-world charm

Alwar is a beautiful medieval city in Rajasthan and a popular tourist destination. The city is most famous for its old medieval architectures and its glorious history, which beckon millions of travellers to visit the city. It is simply a bliss for the history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. Head to the city to experience royal Indian history and pick your choice from the best hotels in Alwar.


Alwar, a historic city whose history is filled with the tales of its brave rulers, is an important part of Rajasthan. Today, the city is the administrative headquarters of the Alwar district and is a slowly developing city. It falls within the province of National Capital Region and is about 150 k.m. from Jaipur, the capital city of the state. Delhi, the nation’s capital is also almost equally distant from Alwar. The distance is about 160 k.m. and takes about 3 hours on a vehicle.

Rajasthan is one of the widely known states in India and is most popular for its royal history and age-old traditions. It can be said that Alwar is perhaps the most-imperative part of the state’s history and traditions. During the British Raj, the city was called Ulwar and was the capital of the princely state of Alwar. Since the name started with “U” which placed the city in the last position in an alphabetically ordered list, a king renamed the city as “Alwar” to bring the city on the top in the series of the letters.

Aptly nestled between the small Aravali ranges, the city has a stretch of about 10.82 sq. k.m. and houses a population of over two million. It is believed that the city was founded by Pratap Singh Prabhakar Bahadur. Formerly called Matsya, the city was predominantly inhabited by the Yaduwanshi. The city also finds mention in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, where it has been described as a city that was visited by the Pandavas during their exile of thirteen years. The place later came to be known as Mewar and became part of the Gujjar kingdom in the 11th Century. However, the Gujjars were able to rule the city for a short period of time and in later-half of the 12th Century it fell under the reign of Muslims, whose ruler was Sultan Bulban. By the end of 17th Century the city again came under the reign of Hindu rulers. Maharaja Pratap Singh, a famed Kachhwaha Rajput won the city in 1771 A.D. and subsequently established his principality. One of the significant events of Alwar’s history is that it is in the locality of Alwar, Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya was born in 1501. Later, he came to be recognized as Hemu and became one of the most illustrated Hindu kings in Indian history. He defeated the invading Afghan army 22 times!

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The city still oozes its old world charm and the old traditions are still in practice. The city owns a huge significance archaeologically and historically. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in western India. The tourism here is based on the rich heritage and history of the city. The old palatial structures including palaces, forts, temples, mosques, citadels, and water-tanks, etc. give the city a unique and inviting outlook. The city is simply a bliss to a history lover and an enthusiast of medieval Indian architectural style. A couple of most significant tourist places include: City Palace, Fateh Ganj Tomb,Government Museum, Alwar Fort, Bhartar, Narayani Mata, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Itarana, Karni Mata Temple, Pandupol, and Musi Maharani Ki Chhatri. There are number of good hotels in Alwar that are well-connected to the prime tourist attractions. These hotels are some of the most sought-after hotels in the city as they have the advantage of connectivity and offer satisfactory stay.

Although the city is still a sleeping, ancient city and lacks modernization, still, there is no shortage of hotels. If one is constrained on budget, the cheap hotels in Alwar are the ideal lodging options to pick. There are some high-rated good cheap hotels in the city’s commerce centre.