The picturesque view of theObergurgl, nestling amidst Tirol’s winter paradise with absolute snow is a sight of joy in itself and for the very same reason known as the “Diamond of the Alps”. The elegant winter resort towards the southern end of the valley consists of 24 mountain lifts and 110 kilometers of immaculate ski slopes and is well connected with the neighboring hamlet of Hochgurgl.

When it comes to deciding the type of ski chalet you plan your stay in, the catered ski chalets promises to provide you with the guidance and fun you seek for. Catered ski chalet in Austria is the best way to experience unique ski holidays as you can focus on only having fun.Whether you are a beginner or a real ski expert, To experience the real thrill, fun, and relaxation, what could be better than staying at the catered ski chalets in Obergurgl? Among the absolute must-sees during your ski vacation, the Top Mountain Star panorama bar with an elevation of 3,080 meters above sea level and HoheMut Vantage Mountain overlooking the upper Ötztal Valley with its abundant snow fields. The catered ski chalets add to a memorable winter holiday in the Ötztal Alps as it lets you relax by the end of an adventurous yet tiring day.

Catered ski chalets make sure that you can have all the fun you seek for without having to worry about preparing and serving food or cleaning the dishes at the end of a ski day. To find the perfect stay where guests of all ages can have a jolly time, the catered ski chalets acts as an ideal place to stay. For your convenience, you can choose from a wide range of options that catered ski chalets provide you. You can decide the type of catered chalet you want to stay in based on the price, location, discounts and number of guests it can or will accommodate.

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Wake up to a steaming hot breakfast on a snowy mountain, enjoy the afternoon tea and cake laid out on the table as you return from a great day on mountains and savor a fully prepared dinner in the evening accompanied by wine. A catered ski chalet lets you enjoy your own home with friends and also lets you make new ones.

Staying in a catered ski chalet offers you the services of a chalet host (or two, or more) to take care of all your needs for a successful ski vacation, from your food to useful advice and tips on skiing and sight-seeing. They will cook for you, clean for you and make sure that you are comfortable and well-fed.

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