Five Best Airplane Pillow Reviews


When boarding your airplane for a long flight, knowing you are ready with a travel neck pillow is important for your comfort and health. Neck pillows help prevent against discomfort and unbearable neck pains, headache, and backache, all which are related with long hours of sleep without proper neck and head support.. It’s always good to consider buying your own neck pillow and this should be comfortable enough and also portable. We reviewed five best airplane pillows to help make your choice easy.

  1. J-Pillow

This award-winning airplane pillow is designed for different sleeping positions. The J part is supposed to curve under your cheek thus keeping your head from falling forward. The sides of the head are also supported in a way that keeps the head upright and properly aligned with the back meaning it is hard to develop pain on your neck or back. The fabric used is soft and cuddly thus giving a cozy feeling to the skin. The fill also is superb offering steady firmness.

  1. Aeris

If you are looking for the top travel pillows for airplanes, then Aeris is one of the best to consider. In fact, this memory foam pillow is the most comfortable travel pillow according to our review. The pillow has a perfect balance between neck support and softness with the memory foam filling molding perfectly well to the head and neck to prevent pain after long periods of travel. The cover is also soft and plush thus good for the skin. It’s small and portable plus it’s sold with a travel bag where you can easily pack it ready for your trip.

  1. Comfort Master Travel Pillow

This neck pillow also ranks highly when it comes to quality. The memory foam travel neck pillow is squishy and soft but also very supportive for your head and neck as you sleep. This pillow is designed to wrap around your neck and both sides below the chin. The U-shaped pillow is a good option not only for use in airplanes but also other travel modes.

  1. REI Self-Inflating Neck Pillow

This travel neck pillow made it to the list due to a number of reasons. First, the pillow has a superb combination of features needed in a airplane travel neck pillow including comfort and softness. The pillow has a smart peanut shape which offers great support to the neck and head as it wraps around the sides of the neck as you rest on your sit. The pillow also has several silicone stripes at the back to add a little bit of friction thus preventing is from sliding and slipping against your seat or airplane window. Its size is small and self-inflates and deflates within a matter of seconds. You can still use it when now inflated thanks to the Polyurethane foam filling that’s used internally.

  1. SkyRest Travel Pillow

If you are a stomach sleeper, then this is also one of the unique travel pillows for airplanes with an incredible design. It deflates into a big cube with a sloppy top where you can rest your face. Although it has a number of disadvantages especially when it comes to the size, we picked it as a great option for stomach sleepers who also need something to make their sleeping easy and comfortable.

With any of these five travel neck pillows for airplanes, you will be able to sleep well and also pack them safely in your bags whenever they are not in use. There are also other great pillows out there and finding what works for you is always the important thing.

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