Gather the Jewels of an Ancient Civilization- Go on an India Tour

Taj Mahal Agra

India tour means a trip to unravel the secrets of the unexplored mountains and jungles, diving into the wild seas or just relaxing on the crystalline backwaters.

The colors of North India

Delhi, the capital city of the country tops the charts of your India Tour. While the lanes of Old Delhi still holds the charm of Mughal era with its savory Mughlai cuisines, the 1000 year old Akshardham Temple speaks of rich Indian culture. Visit Delhi to witness the wonderful blend of old with new.

Akshardham Temple Delhi

While Agra presents before you the jewels of Mughal architecture with one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal Agra

A different aspect of Indian culture thrives at Amritsar, the city with the Golden temple. Enjoy some exciting moments dancing your heart out to the beats of bhangra and relishing on piping hot kulchas, butter chicken and creamy lassi here.

Jammu and Kashmir, the paradise on earth takes you to the celestial pilgrimage of Amarnath while you can make your tour memorable living a lavish life on the houseboats of Dal Lake.

Shikaras at Srinagar Dal Lake

Walk along the carpet of flowers at the Valley of Flowers of Uttarakhand or rest on the dew drenched grass of the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, as the shepherds play melodious Himachali tunes on their flute to know how joyful life can be in simple ways.

The exciting life of West India

Make your vacation happening by spending a night under the clear sky of the extensive desert or riding through the mysterious arid land on the cool camels. Rajasthan also unfolds the chronicles of the gallant Rajput clan through its powerful forts and lavish palaces.

Rajasthan Desert

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India acquaints you to Stone Age at Ajanta Ellora caves while the glittering shopping malls of the city are loved by shopaholics. Be at Goa to absorb the warm sunrays over the soft sandy beaches or to get crazy at the night beach parties. While the magnificent churches of Goa carry the legacy of Portuguese culture, the Ayurveda spas of the state let you rediscover your inner being.

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Goa Beaches India

The spotless beauty of North East India

If you want to touch the sky and feel the real nature, be at North East India. Embrace the greenery of Assam gardens sipping its aromatic tea or meet the moody rhinos at the Kaziranga grasslands.

Rhino at Kaziranga Grass

While the mighty Brahmaputra takes you to the largest river island of the world, Majuli, adorn yourselfwith the gorgeous silks of Assam. Witness the mesmerizing sunrise at the Kanchenjunga hills of Darjeeling or enjoy a fun ride on the toy trains at the top hills.

Toy Train Darjeeling

While Nagaland greets you with its exotic tribal song and dance, you can touch the clouds at Meghalaya or enjoy the joyous melody of rains at Cherrapunji.

The rich culture of the South India

India is incomplete without a visit to the soothing South India Tour. While the Dravidian architecture of Tamil Nadu, with its massive temple complexes amazes the tourists, the beautiful gardens of Karnataka are bright and vibrant.

Kerala Temple

While Mysore is enchanting with the aroma of sandalwood in its air, the soulful Carnatic music and Kathakali dance of Kerala soothes you.  Kerala is also known for the spell binding beauty of its tea. Not only the monuments of Hyderabad are specimens of mind blowing architecture, it is a paradise for food lovers with flavored Hyderabadi biriyani.

Hence an India tour will be a tour of your life in which you will come across the various facets of a rich civilization, the Indian subcontinent.

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