Go Crazy in Chennai with These Fun Things to Do


A city that grows on you –Chennai, earlier called Madras, is a place you can fall in love with at just one glance. Despite being one of the four metro cities in India, Chennai is still holding on to its cultural roots, which makes the city different from the rest.

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 When you are in Chennai, you should engage in a few fun activities apart from visiting and exploring the places. Here is a list of the fun things to do in Chennai –

  1. Get the Right Beach Fun – You sure are missing out on something if you have not visited at least one beach in Chennai. The coastal city is an abode of beaches and there are plenty of fun things to do here. From the world’s second longest beach, Marina Beach to Eliot’s Beach in Besant Nagar, there are plenty to explore. Marina Beach is quite popular and therefore remains teeming with people having fun. If you are looking for something quieter, then you should visit the Covelong Beach or the Thiruvanmiyur Beach.
  2. Take a long Drive in ECR Road – Who doesn’t like long drives? And taking a long drive along the ECR Road is explicably fun. Get a rented car or a bike and start your journey from Thiruvanmiyur and stop at Mahabalipuram. The 40 KMs long ride/drive is sure going to give you some adrenaline rush. One of the “must-do” things when you are in Chennai!
  3. Visit the Kapaleeswarar Temple – The Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai is one of the most popular temples in the country and is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. It is believed that whoever prays in this temple gets cured from ailments. The temple is situated at a very old place called Mylapore. If you have a fondness for history and old mythological traditions, you should definitely pay a visit here. The place will give you an idea of what rituals devotees follow to offer their prayers to the God. Another plus- the place is perfect for Photography. The timing of the temple is 5 AM to 12.30 PM and 4 PM to 9.30 PM.
  4. Eat Free sweets at Grand Sweets – For people having a sweet tooth, this is a place nothing short of heaven. The Grand Sweet chain in Chennai believes in providing free sweets to their customers as “Prashad.” The founder of the sweet chain Natarajan started this tradition way back in time, which is still continuing.
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These are a few fun things to do in Chennai you are going to love the experience of. However, sight seeing must also be an important aspect of your Chennai trip.


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