If Brexit Is A Good News Or Bad News For The Travelers

We all are very well aware of what happened on 23rd June 2016 that has changed the dimensions of world’s global economy forever. Yes, we are talking about Brexit, until this day in the year 2016, we were not aware of this term and we never knew what it meant. This one six letter word had the power to turn the economy upside down when Britain (UK) made an exit from the European Union. People, politicians and economists all over the world gave different kind of verdicts on the fact that what are going to be the impact and effects of this act. Here are travelers, who are just tensed about the tours and vacations. The travel companies are also not sure that how they are going to be affected with this unusual happening. All we know for now is that the rules and laws are not going to get changed at least till March 2019. Till then everything is going to be the same and run in the similar manner like it used to before the announcement of Brexit. But the serious question lies in the fact that Does Brexit Affect European Travel? Let us just find this out.


Does Brexit Affect European Travel?

Right after this news of Brexit broke out on the news channels and everywhere else, people had started making conclusions. There were some of them made by the travel companies as well who had formulated certain things down which could be possible occurring and changing after 2019. These are the following possibilities that could happen:

  1. Flight Compensations: Earlier it was a rule according to the European Union laws that in any case of flight cancellation, delay or overbooking there will be a compensation provided to the customers. It could be in the form of anything like a meal or even cash compensation which depends on the amount of loss which a customer has suffered. So this is still unclear that after the Brexit rules are implied what will happen to the compensation laws and rules which were being followed earlier. And it is being assumed that travelers would have a tough time getting flight compensation post Brexit.
  2. No Beardless Travel: Earlier UK would enjoy the advantage of having the united sky with no boundaries along with European Union but post Brexit things will not be the same. Travelers would have to carry their visas every time they are travelling to EU and they will be treated similarly like the Non European travelers.
  3. Cost of Travel: For the people travelling from Britain to EU it would be costlier as the value of pound is decreased now, but it is an advantage for the people travelling from other countries. The travelling rates may be decreased.
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These facts are not very affirmative, but we all know that somewhere or the other things are going to get changed. Certainly after March 2019, things would be clearer for the fact that what how Does Brexit Affect European Travel.

Saamya Sharma

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