Interesting Fact on Indian Railways

Indian Railways had been serving the country since over a century and the network is one of the largest networks in the world. The Indian Railway has been under continuous development and it has been adapting technology to stay in sync with time. One of the examples of this continuous improvement is the IRCTC Next Generation Login Website and the introduction of e-wallet. In this article, we have listed some of the interesting facts about Indian Railways which you probably didn’t know about.

So, here are some amazing facts on Indian Railways

  • Foundation Day – Indian Railways was founded over 173 Years Ago and its foundation day is 8 May 1845. It is certainly hard to believe that you often travel with such an old organization.
  • Heritage Trains – Indian railways also has heritage trains and Maharaja Express. These are the royal trains of Indian Railways. One such train is Palace on Wheels and they are some of the most expensive trains in India. The facilities available on these trains are something that you must experience.
  • Network – You might already know this but Indian Railways also has one of the longest rail networks in the world. The network spans over 121,407 Kms and in addition to this, over 23 Million passengers travel on Indian Railways on daily basis.
  • Fastest Train – The fastest train in India runs between Delhi and Agra and the top speed achieved by the train during the regular operations is 160 km/hr. Indian railways also introduced double-decker train in the network.
  • Employment – Indian Railways provides employment to a huge number of people. As per a source, it is an employer with the highest number of employees. As per the last statistics published by Indian Railways, it had over 1.308 Million employees working for it. Apart from this, there are many contractors working with Indian Railways as well.
  • Longest Rail Bridge – The longest bridge on Indian Railways network is 4.62 Km in length and this bridge is known as Vembanad Rail Bridge in Kerala.
  • Highest Railway Bridge – The highest railway bridge on Indian Railways network is Chenab Railway Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir. Believe it or not but the bridge has a height more than the Eiffel Tower.
  • Website Hits – IRCTC Website gets of 1.2 Million hits on a single day. This number of hits on IRCTC Next Generation website is of passengers. IRCTC Logins are far more than many other websites available to Indians.
  • Heritage Stations – Some of the station on Indian Railways network has been declared as World Heritage Sites. These stations are Mumbai CST Building, Kalka – Shimla Railways, Darjeeling – Himalayan Railways and Neelgiri Mountain Railways.
  • International Train – Indian Railways also had a train running between Indian and Pakistan. It was known as Samjhauta Express. The train travelled to Lahore and it had been discontinued several times because of geopolitical tension.

These were some of the most amazing facts about Indian Railways and we are sure that you were not aware of many of these facts.