Travel Say yes to the advance way of travel planning

The toughest part, undoubtedly for most of us is the planning for a trip. Planning is quintessential part of travel whether you are a tourist or a backpacker; everyone does plan. There are many reviews in the internet, misleading information about transportation, outdated info on hotels, it is therefore important to find a trustable resource that can plan the whole trip within your budget.
The good news is there are some startups who want to take the headache of your planning and streamline the process in a quite budget-friendly way. Just Orbit is a platform, better to say a tool that transforms the way tourists can plan itineraries. It gives a better evaluation of your overall travel plan, expense and gives tourists with an opportunity to tap into all hospitable destinations around the world.

With Just Orbit, tourists can easily find a friendly itinerary with most of the desired travel countries, discovering perfect gateway to different parts of the globe. The new interface of the website helps tourists to easily choose their own unique trips, or create and share with your co-travelers, so that you can discuss and finalize together on mutual consensus. Every city has its unique charm, so we suggest travelers to something new that helps to create them to plan their city tours.

Personalized travel planning
Just Orbit creates innovation in the personalized travel planning domain, expanding its reach by set up new tools crafted by leading experts in hospitality industry. The company has initiated partnerships with leading travel agents, tour guides, travel companies, content providers etc. to create budget friendly personalized travel itineraries.

You can also create your itinerary with the company by citing your interests in mind. The tours, vacations and deals are easily customized in the way the traveler wants it to be. In short, it is basically go through three principle parts:

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i) The packages are provided by verified local destination agents.
ii) You don’t have to give payment till you are on.
iii) The travel specialists impeccably select packages

Customize your travel itinerary
In this platform different travelers create various itineraries, so if you are looking for a specific itinerary and that matches with some other itinerary created by other traveler, you can customize that itinerary in accordance to your preferences. These are not dependent on the fixed packages provided by the tour operators.

• First you decide your places where you wish to visit and incorporate in your itinerary.
• Then you need to create a trip or travel specialist can create your trip.
• Just Orbit forum is an excellent platform where you can share your trip. You can discuss, find like minded people and see whether you can find an appropriate group.
• Finalize together and get set go!

The company provides free travel planning by its own travel experts. The company does not charge it from clients for preparing itineraries because the revenue comes entirely through travel packages and hotel bookings. The platform is visually attractive and user-friendly. The main idea is to make travelers planning as easier as possible.

In short, Just Orbit is to create your own plan, then share your itinerary in the forum, find a similar group, discuss, finalize and then book a package.

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