The Shining Underdog of Himachal Pradesh


Although one of the smallest hill stations in Himachal, this town is not intimidated and pulls in a good crowd of people every year. Living in close proximity with all the major tourist destinations and popular hill stations, Dalhousie offers something else of its own to the table. This article talks about the places to visit in Dalhousie.

A standout amongst the most flawless hill stations in Himachal Pradesh and India, Dalhousie is named after Lord Dalhousie the British senator General who built up the town as a prominent summer retreat. The town is still praiseworthy of flawlessly arranged avenues complimenting more to the surrounding beauty around the whole station with rich green surroundings and snow-capped crests of the Himalayas. Set your theme prior to your visit and book one of the Dalhousie tour packages which covers any kind of themes ranging from a quiet relaxing getaway to honeymoons or a holiday filled with adventurous activities with picnics and trekking. Here’s the rundown of the best places you can visit in Dalhousie.


This beautiful spot dubbed the “Switzerland of India”, Khajjiar is a small hill station a few kilometres away from Dalhousie. The town is encompassed by thick fronts of deodar and pine trees and the Khajjiar Lake is a standout amongst the most astonishing and peaceful outing spots with the scenery of the snow capped Himalayas. Another notable tourist attraction in this region is the Khajjinag Temple.

Dainkund Peak

One of the most stunning trekking spots which gives a splendid view of the whole hill station. It is the highest mountain peak in Dalhousie. Known as the singing hill, as you go up trekking you will hear the sweet subtle sound of breeze blowing through the evergreen trees. There is an Indian Air Force base on the peak of Dainkund.

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Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

The Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, otherwise known as the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary is beautifully surrounded by thick pine, deodar and oak backwoods. The fauna found in this wildlife reserve is the main attraction and the sanctuary covers over 30 square kilometres. the Himalayan Black bear, Pheasants and Himalayan dark marten are some of the wildlife you could expect to find here. Most Dalhousie tour packages comes included with a visit to this wildlife reserve.

Panch Pulla

Panchpula, a lovely spot, the source where all the streams supplying water to Dalhousie and adjacent towns originate. Here you will find immaculate streams and waterfalls. This is also the place where the popular warrior Sardar Ajit Singh breathe his last. This place is beautiful for a short stop on your way as it is the place all the streams meet creating a beautiful view.