The Wonders of Outdoor Advertising to Any Business

Outdoor AdvertisingAdvertisements are there for a reason. From its most basic up to a more advanced, people who wanted to market their goods or services result to a means of marketing in one way or another, less grand or more than others.

Old school advertisements make use of the traditional methods which are still as effective to this day as it was in the past. Then, there are also those which are new school in approach which make use of the more modern and sophisticated technology such as the modern media outlets TV, radio, and the internet. Otherwise, those who prefer a mixed approach make use of both methods – old and new, mixed into one single approach.

But what makes a good advertising than one which stops people from their tracks than an outdoor advertising?

As it appears – no other than outdoor advertising.

While some may think that outdoor advertising still retains its most primitive form of having only plain prints and texts may find that even the old methods have already merged with the new. Outdoor advertising is no longer just the static and boring images and texts we know them to be—although many still retain such traits—others are more high-tech now and are relatively costlier.

With many possibilities at his disposal as a result of this merger, the only limitation each advertiser have is his imaginations.

Here are some fascinating facts about outdoor advertising and why it works as a means for marketing:

  • Most people are not always indoors, 70% of the time
    • With the majority always out of the house, the chances of these same people likely encountering your adverts is relatively higher when posted for outdoor viewing than when its placed on a digital format to be seen on the TV or the internet.
  • Outdoor advertising is cost-effective
    • While second only to radio as the lowest in terms of the cost per mille (cost per impression), outdoor advertising is less expensive than its more modern counterparts but is still nevertheless effective as a marketing tool. In layman’s term, with outdoor advertising, you get to reach a wider audience at a lesser cost.
  • Outdoor experiences are more memorable than indoor ones
    • TV viewers may not agree for outdoor experience to be their most memorable seeing that it is TV for them that is. However, they will not deny that it does makes for a second most memorable, next to TV experiences. This is possibly as a result of few things: outdoor advertisements are sometimes taken for a landmark of some kind, if not something that just reminds people of certain places for certain reasons.

There is no denying of the power retained still by outdoor advertising which makes it an efficient tool among business-heavy environments especially in a metropolis such as the United Arab Emirates who grew abundant with it. Outdoor advertising in UAE therefore is a practice that likely thrives and something most businesses sought after.