Tips for a Secure and Comfortable Jungle Stay in Dandeli

Jungle Stay in Dandeli

Jungle camping is adventurous, there is no doubt it. Most of us get excited just on listening the name of a lion, tiger and other wild animals and imagine during jungle camping you see these animals in real just at a distance of few meters.

Jungle camping is great but remember that it is different from camping at hill stations and Gardens. For a successful jungle camping, you should have all the practical information how to stay in a jungle, what kind of clothes you need to take with you. How to ensure the maximum cleanness and comfort during Jungle camping? And, how you will arrange the food and water in the jungle for yourself?

In Dandeli in addition to wild life, you also enjoy beautiful Mullangi Falls. To make your Dandeli Jungle camping most beautiful and memorable moment of your life, follow the below- given tips for safe and secure Jungle Stay in Dandeli

  1. There are running and standing waters. There may be bugs, suck and stings which can make your uncomfortable. So you should make all the necessary arrangements for a comfortable jungle stay in Dandeli.
  2. You should know how to set a campsite or build a tent in a jungle for sleeping. It is safe to use a tent for sleeping in the jungle if a resort is not included in your safari package.
  3. It can rain anytime in Jungle so you should not forget to take a rain gear and umbrella with you. You can wear tightly woven or light clothes in a jungle. It depends on your choice.
  4. Don’t forget to take Emergency gear with you like a blanket, duct tape, fire starters, compass and cordage.
  5. Don’t forget to take a toothbrush, batteries, camera and other odds and ends to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness in Jungle.
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Sum and Substance

If you avail Safari package for a Jungle Stay in Dandeli you will not need to worry about food, water and accommodation in Jungle. Because these facilities are included in the safari package provided by the Travel Company for Camping. In Dandeli you are also able enjoy beautiful Mullangi Falls.

Follow the above tips for a safe, secure and complete jungle stay in Dandeli.