Top 5 places to add to your list while planning your Rajasthan tour

In the event that you are planning on taking a long well planned vacation, add Rajasthan to your list. With dozens of cities with numerous points of interest, an extensive visit and tour of the state will leave you flabbergasted. This article talks about the top 5 place if must visit in Rajasthan.

The state where tourism is a lifestyle, Rajasthan does not shy away when it comes to displaying top notch sight seeing material. It is a standout amongst the most gone by states in India. It’s not shocking on the grounds that it demonstrates India at its most brilliant and colorful best. Every one of the things that strike a chord when you consider the very essence of India can be found in Rajasthan. Rajasthan tour packages come with an extensive and detailed visit to every major tourist hotspot and mentioned below are the top 5 places that intrigues the tourists from all over the world.



The “Pink City” of Jaipur is loaded with majestic antiquated royal palaces and strongholds, with the greater part of them bragging dazzling and elaborate engineering and architecture. Jaipur frames a portion of India’s mainstream Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, and draws guests with its suggestive leftovers of a former time. A visit to Jaipur will give you a vibe for how the government once lived in all its grandness. Staying in Jaipur is additionally especially pleasant. The city has some unfathomable legacy lodgings that have been changed over from old castles, giving visitors an extremely majestic affair!

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After the ‘Pink City’ comes the ‘Blue city. The Blue city of Jaipur gets its name due to the blue painted structures in the city. Jodhpur is the second biggest city in Rajasthan. The walled old part of the city is managed by the approaching Mehrangarh Fort – one of the biggest strongholds in India, it is the pride of Jodhpur. Each October it has the pleasure of giving the setting to the Rajasthan International Folk Festival. Inside the fortress are various castles, and a historical center. The post is likewise a magnificent spot to view Jodhpur’s blue structures.

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The dynamic desert town of Bikaner gets less voyagers than numerous other unmistakable destinations in Rajasthan. It’s an astounding spot to go on a camel safari, as a distinct option for Jaisalmer. The primary attractions are the environmental walled Old City and fortress. Bikaner is likewise famous for the notorious Karni Mata rodent sanctuary close-by. The Karni Mata Festival, held to love the rats there, is one of the quirkiest celebrations in India. A Camel Fair is likewise held in Bikaner each January.

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Jaisalmer is regularly alluded to as being straight out of a sentimental Arabian Nights tale. How better to depict this surprising sandstone city that ascents mystically from the sand hills of the Rajasthan desert? Jaisalmer’s hypnotizing old fortification, worked in 1156, is roosted high on a platform sitting above the city. Inside, the fortification is alive and enchanting. It houses five castles, a few sanctuaries, and some lovely havelis (chateaus), and additionally shops and different living arrangements.

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Udaipur is a charming place brimming with old houses, excellent patio nurseries, multifaceted sanctuaries, and stupendous royal residences ignoring extensive gleaming lakes. The City Palace, which extends along the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, is a highlight. The way it has been developed is perfect, with Rajput military design and Mughal style enriching strategies both consolidated together. Its historical center showcases numerous regal legacies, family photographs, and other memorabilia.