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The hill station of Ooty lies close to the Nilgiris in the Indian State of TamilNadu.The district came under the livelihood of the East India Company around the end of the 18th century establishing its popularity as one of the most charming hill stations of the North. The city is famous for its sightseeing and attracts countless masses in the summer. Excluding the tourism, the city has income from the agricultural source.‛The Blue Mountains’ are the chief accountable factor of this town’s accountability.

Main attractions of Ooty:

One of the main attractions of Ooty is Botanical Gardens which is situated on the slopes of the Doddabetta Mountain. The beautiful terraced garden is maintained by the TamilNadu Govt that covers the area of around twenty-two hectares. This place has many attractions to capture the view of the photographers.

The cooling ambiance of the city must impress you whenever you come to visit Ooty.

There is a pleasant tea factory which is frequented by the visitors. Though there is not more to do here in the tea garden. You can see the processing of the tea leaves and also smell the aroma of the tea foliage.

The Doddabetta Peak stands at an altitude of approximately 8,650 feet and makes it the uppermost peaks of South Asia. To enjoy the peak to the fullest you must carry a binocular with you. Though the sightseeing department of TamilNadu has arranged food staffs for the tourists at the height of the peak, yet it is safe to keep some dry foods with you.

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Situated in the mind of the Nilgiris, the Avalanche Lake is one of the wanderers of the paradise. The surrounding landscape is awesome and so beautiful that you can rest here arranging a tent. People come here to enjoy fishing. This astonishing trek location would make you stay here for at least two days.

The biggest rose garden of India, namely, the Government Rose Gardens is situated here in Erik Hill. Around 20000 types of roses can be seen here in the garden.

Ooty Lake is another attraction of Ooty casing an area of 65 acres. This lake was shaped under the British Rule. Guests enjoy the boat races during the summer. Famous as a tiger reserve forest, the Mudumalai National Park is a home of several wild animals and birds. Different rare species of animals can be seen here.

Ooty was declared as the world heritage site with the railways that was established in the year of 1908.Ooty trip package from Coimbatore must include all these attractions.

Best time to visit:

The visitors can come to Ooty at any time of the year except the monsoon season. They are suggested to come here not with the elder persons and the kids as the place has many points to visit without any means of transportation.

After your arrival at Coimbatore station/airport, you may go for yourchoice of transport such as bus or taxi to visit Ooty.

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