Why Homestay in Coorg Is Considered Better Accommodation Than a Hotel

coorg Home Stay

Coorg district in Karnataka which is also known as Scotland of India because of its mountainous, cool, and misty climate is one of the most preferred places in India for foreign tourists.

There are plenty of similarities between Scotland and Coorg. The meadows and highlands in Coorg give it a look of Scotland.  It was on this basis British Planter coined the term ‘The Scotland of India’ for this district in Karnataka.

Not just geographically, between the two places, there are some similarities on the cultural front as well. Both had clan-based societies in the past.

If you will get a chance to visit Coorg in the future, you should prefer to stay at a homestay. There are plenty of benefits of staying in a homestay. Compare the Coorg Home Stay Prices and select an all adventure activity package for having maximum fun.

Benefits Of Staying At a Home Stay Coorg

There are plenty of benefits of Staying at a Home Stay Coorg. Unlike hotels and Resorts, there are Coorg Homestay Packages which are very inexpensive than the former and thus affordable for all. You can compare Coorg Homestay Prices with the prices offered by hotels and resorts; you will come to know the difference. The Coorg homestay also differ according to the types of services you will like to avail. The Coorg Homestay Prices does not matter when you get the services of your desire.

The recreation or enjoyment is not the only reason why we travel to a new place. We travel to other places to explore the culture and the true sense of ethnicity of that place.

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And foreigners who avail Coorg Homestay Packages want to experience the culture, historical and traditionally rich diversity of India and when they stay in a hotel or a resort, their chances of people to people contact decrease. When they are not able to meet common people in India, then how come they would be able to explore the rich diversity of this country.

 The Factors That Make a Homestay in Coorg Different From the Hotel Or Resort Stays Are As Follows:

  1. The most significant advantage of a homestay in Coorg over a hotel stay is that you get to experience the rich diversity of India, its nature, culture and traditions while staying with the locals of India.
  2. You cannot enjoy these benefits in the true sense when you make a stay at a hotel. You do not get opportunities to talk to local people, witness their traditions, customs and rituals.
  3. The homestay in Coorg takes you close to nature than experiencing the artificial beauty of hotels.
  4. You can customise the services at will which is not possible when you stay in a hotel or a resort.
  5. The homestay offers you a menu and you can select dishes based on your preference and budget.
  6. You enjoy the liberty to set your activities, food and other amenities in the home.
  7. You are able to know about the place better when you live in between the locals.
  8. The hosts prepare dishes based on your choice and you do not have to move out for lunch or a dinner.
  9. The homestay ensures you maximum authenticity. They prepare food before your eyes so you can trust on that easily while as at hotels and resorts you don’t know where from the food came and how it was prepared.
  10. The Hosts are more synchronised with the place than the travel guides of hotels and resorts. A travel guide would know only about the already explored places in the locality while as a local host would know about the unexplored paths as well.
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The recreation or enjoyment is not the only reason why we travel to a new place. We travel to other places to explore the culture and the true sense of ethnicity of that place. An all adventure activity package is what we all would like to avail for our vacations. When we compare the Coorg Homestay Prices with the prices of the hotels and resorts around the world, we found them very inexpensive. The Best Homestay in Coorg Cost may vary according to the geographical location and the services offered with the Packages.