Adorn your home with cloth-based scroll painting: Pattachitra

The Indian soil is home to multiple kinds of art forms. With the increasing popularity of the different kinds of art, people are developing a strong liking and are moving in the direction to buy Indian art. This spectacular art form is one of the oldest and prevalent art styles of Odisha. If we talk about the origin of the name Pattachitra, then it has been drawn from joining two Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. Hence, Pattachitra is a painting which is done on a fabricated canvas which displays rich colour schemes and designs. In most of the instances, mythological and religious figures are exhibited in these paintings.

The Pattachitra is gaining immense admiration from different parts of world. Art lovers from across the world are looking to buy Indian art pieces belonging to this category. The beauty of this art form isn’t restricted to the traditional décor of houses. In fact, Pattachitra is being excessively used by interior designers in the new age décor. If you are a fan of this but are afraid to buy Indian art in Pattachitra fearing that it won’t be able to be a part of the new age houses, then here are a few tips that can help you bring this old age beauty home.


  • Paintings:  Beautifully crafted paintings never go out of style. The rich colour scheme of Pattachitra painting can breathe life into the boring and lifeless looking blank walls. You can opt to buy Indian art paintings in Pattachitra to spruce up the plain décor. Irrespective of the place where you place it, this art form will surely add colour and freshness to that area.
  • Rugs:  Due to the vibrancy being held in the essence of this art form, it makes a perfect partner to the plain floors. The bright colours of Pattachitra complement the neutral shades of floors really well. There is so much difference which you can bring to your room just by adding a rug and a bright one will do wonders for your room.
  • Art prints:  If paintings aren’t your cup of tea, then art prints will be your buddy! These are an affordable and convenient way to include the beauty of Pattachitra art in the comfort of your home. A low maintenance article, you can buy Indian art prints in this form to breathe the feeling of liveliness into your space.
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Pattachitra is a beautiful artwork which can spruce up your space in an amazing new way.

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