Asymmetric tyres & how to fit them to your car!

Car tyre fitting can be tricky due to difference in their patterns and particular methods to fit them appropriately to the vehicle. Both, asymmetric and directional tyres are fitted following specific methods and the only way to do it the right way is by understanding their key characteristics.

Asymmetric tyres: Key features

The different patterns on both the right and left sides of the asymmetric tyres make them stand out of the crowd.

The outside of the tread is responsible for overall performance of the tyre on a dry terrain. The very elements are intended to ensure the vehicle remains stable and balanced as it turns.

The inner part of the tread is to dispel water thereby protecting the vehicle against aquaplaning as well as allow smooth driving experience on slippery and wet tracks.

The structural difference means asymmetric car tyre fitting must follow a certain orientation that is in accordance with the markings on both sides of the tyre.

The side of the tyre facing inside of the vehicle is marked “INSIDE” whereas “OUTSIDE” is for the exterior and visible to someone standing right next to the vehicle for mounting the tyre.

Alternate labelling is also there for instance “MOUNT THIS OUTSIDE” or “OUTWARDS SIDE FACING” but the concept must be clear in order to fit the tyres appropriately.

Asymmetric tyres were once installed only on high-performance cars however today, they’re mounted on almost every other mid-range vehicles and this is due to the unique benefits. This uniqueness is due to the combined parameters of both directional and symmetric tyres that allow cornering in a convenient and problem-free way, even when you drive at a higher speed.

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The tyres are a great option for cars boasting advance traction and braking support system due to improved interactivity with many different features. Another great benefit of asymmetric tyres is their appearance that attracts savvy riders. The unique tread design they bear is usually found on summer, winter and all-season tyres so no matter what you choose; exceptional performance is delivered.

To fit an asymmetric tyre

Even when car tyre fitting is being carried at a highly advanced and renowned facility, do keep a closer eye on what’s being done just for assurance. Much like everything else, chance of flaw is always there and you can immediately pinpoint if carefully observing the process.

This is important because incorrect and wrong fitted tyres pose certain dangers to the driver as well as the vehicle. Since they’re designed to serve a specific purpose at particular sides and angles of the tyre, even a minor flaw can divert you off the track thus hampering overall driving.

Important steps

  • Before you begin with car tyre fitting, unscrew the valve
  • The rim is placed on a special mounting machine to ensure the perfect fitment of the tyre with the wheel
  • Clean the tyre with a special brush before fitting it and to remove any lubricant leftover from previous fitment procedure


Make sure you fit asymmetric Falken tyres to the car in the right way from the details outlined above.

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