The state of Rajasthan has a long history of Rajputs and their patronage including land acquisitions, battles, few sprawling palaces and rich mansions reflecting the true beauty of their unique and colorful culture. An onlooker would describe the state as a carved marble dream. The parched desert topography with colorful life stays in perfect harmony. Each region or city of Rajasthan has some specialization to offer either in the form of bangles or miniature paintings and so on. Pushkar region is well reckoned for its camel fairs and Jaipur for its exquisite palaces. Chittorgarh is renowned for its forts expressing its ancient history and again Shekhawati region is famous for its exquisite Frescoes.

Rajasthani Art is highly appreciated by everyone across the globe and held in high esteem. Whether it is ivory carvings, miniature paintings or the frescoes, it enlightens you about the high level of artistic sense that the craftsmen of the state had mastered in. The art of Frescoes is rampant in the Rajasthan state and has been there from a very long time.There are grand palaces or havelis that are standing with their head held high in the region of Shekhawati. These marvelously painted monuments showcase the most intricate patterns of frescoes interiors, pillars, rooms and halls. For diverse shades and vibrant color combinations, the rajasthani craftsmen utilized vegetable dyes. Floral motifs and arabesque poses are considered to be the usual themes for such type of indian art style.

Lively colors are the best and the appealing characteristics of these Frescoes. Nawalgarh is another region situated close to the Shekhawati area, which is also famous for its numerous painted havelis. Anandilal Poddar Haveli was constructed in the year 1920 and has a remarkable collection of Fresco paintings. This unique collection of paintings has been well preserved and maintained in several museums of Rajasthan state. The state government upholds the culture and tradition of Rajasthan in the form of diverse art, craft, paintings and other handiworks of the state.

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