In the year 2011, the state of Rajasthan took ambitious steps with preliminary tie-up with Israel. This will be the third nation to have committed or invested in the state after Japan and South Korea. The government has already allotted the last two nations the requisite land resources for setting up their facilities.

The state government has quipped that Rajasthan would be honored to utilize the technological resources of Israel and would surely put this resource into different other engagements. The nation of Israel has shown extreme expertise in the field of agriculture in its tough climatic and geographical conditions.

The authorities further said that it would be appropriate for the gulf nation to invest their resources into the state for much of the geographical and climatic conditions are similar. The initial plans had elaborated that until now the output from the Sewage Treatment Plans situated in the capital city of the state were being wasted but can now be sourced to the nearby arid lands , prospering agriculture of the areas.

The state is forwarding ahead with steady footings and the outcomes will be for all to see very soon. Collaborations such as these will surely bring in great resources and means into the state. The nation’s geographically largest state will soon lead the list of prosperity.

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