Gifting Concepts for Navratri

Navratri is one of the most crucial festivals in India that is celebrated with great fanfare across the length and breadth for the country. The festival is commemorated to worship the Hindu goddess, Durga. The term Navratri, actually implies ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit and the celebration continues for 9 days. The celebration holds terrific significance in West Bengal and Gujarat, it is known for its night-time events where individuals carry out the ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ dance.

You can celebrate this advantageous event by indulging your loved ones with gift products. Some of the popular gift concepts for Navratri are discussed below:

Spiritual presents

You can select a scarf or a veil with the image of the goddess to use to the holy goddess during the puja ceremony. Another popular gift item is ‘Mata ka Chattar’, which is generally a mini umbrella that is embellished with sequins and colors on it. The chattar is also used for the puja. If you don’t have any budget constraint, you can gift a silver or gold coin with the image of the goddess embossed on the coin. You can likewise have some holy text inscriptions on the coin.

Navratri gift products for kids

Kids enjoy crackers. You can purchase some mild crackers and let them have a good time with their friends rupturing crackers. Make sure that an elder individual is accompanying the kids while rupturing the crackers to make sure security. Chocolates make children happy to no end, a present package filled with assortment of chocolates would make a perfect gift item. Also, you can purchase some conventional Indian garment to add a splash of color to their celebration.

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Navratri gift items for ladies

Precious jewelries play an important role in embellishing a lady and emphasizing her appeal. No matter if you are shopping a gift product for your cherished mother, spouse, sweet sibling or terrific cousins you can get a gorgeous fashion jewelry piece. Females enjoy precious jewelries in every type and Navratri comes as a great occasion to provide a goddess motivated pendant, ring or a bracelet.

The Navratri accessories can range from the standard products to the contemporary fashion devices. There is a large spectrum of choice at including belts, utensils, brooches, bags, shoes and puja items. A conventional saree, is another beautiful navratri gift item for all females. A conventional saree can make the lady look sensational and get her decked up for the Navratri 2017 Dates celebrations.

Gift products for men

Just as there are plenty of gift products for women, there are wide variety of choices for males too. You can choose a conventional ethnic wear such as pyjama kurta, dhothi kurta or an embroidery shawl.