Raagmala Paintings in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, also defined as the land of noble Rajputs, mesmerizes you with its several palaces, forts, museums and temples. Whether it is marble carvings, frescoes or miniature paintings and likewise artifacts, it describes the ultimate level of artistic skills and talent, that these craftsmen possess. The list of Rajasthani Artifacts is endless and the Rajasthani paintings are one of the most preferred choices for the tourists or bystanders.

You might have heard about the Raagmala paintings that are considered to be high in esteem throughout the country. This type of painting creates a visual effect in the minds of the viewers. These art works depict the concept of six different ragas found in Indian classical music. Such paintings usually convey the mood during the different parts of the day and different seasons.

Sangeeta Ratnakara, is a significant 12th century CE treatise on the classification of Indian Ragas, which for the first time explains the presiding deity of each raga. After 14th century, these raagas were described in short stanza in Sanskrit, for Dhyana or meditation. Later, these were represented in a series of paintings, also known as the Raagmala paintings.

This specific indian art style was developed at the start of 16th and 17th centuries. Such painting captivates you with its narrative as well as bright visual effects. Powerful strokes and raw energy of the artists are perfectly splashed on the canvas in perfect harmony. Raagmala miniature paintings have been properly preserved with care and maintained in the museums of Rajasthan.