Art collectors are always in wait of charitable and fundraising auctions. Why? Because there the prices of the paintings are relatively less and more affordable. But have you ever thought why all of these paintings are sold at less than their real price? Is it just a bait for all the art enthusiasts? Is it because those paintings are not in a good position? Or is it merely because it is a charitable event, wherein, they want to raise funds for some good deed?

Well! We all know no one gets anything for free in reality. So, read this blog post to see the other side of them and for knowing the strategies that will help you in buying the paintings from the next auction you are planning to go in.

  • While you buy paintings from charitable auctions, learn to hold on to your excitement and stop acting like an overjoyed kid. Realize that the paintings which you are getting in the auctions are not one of the best works of any artist. Clearly, no artist would want to sell the paintings that they adore a lot and have put major efforts in, at low prices. This tells that the paintings displayed in the charitable auctions are the ones that the artists are finding hard to sell or are not in a flawless condition. Hence, the artists do this for attracting attention to the often overlooked artwork of theirs.
  • On the contrary, if you an avid art collector and buy paintings often, you will be able to spot the best from the rest like a goldsmith who can identify a real diamond from the mine in no time. Moreover, the chances of finding worthful paintings too are high as many philanthropists often donate the paintings they own as a part of their contribution in the auction.
  • Never ever run in the rat race of buying the painting of a renowned artist from any fundraising auction. Falling for the bait of the artist’s name might make you regret it later. Hence, researching and observing is the key. You should always check the signature and back of the painting and ask for the receipt of sale or purchase of the same if the artist himself is not selling the painting.
  • Sometimes, you will like a particular painting while glancing at the paintings in the auction but will find out later that the painting is not in a good condition. In that case, you should not buy the painting just because you feel you are getting it at a low price. However, you can consider the price that you will have to incur for getting the painting back into a good condition. If the total price turns out to be low after adding the maintenance price and the price that you will pay for the painting then only buying that painting will make some sense.

In brief, you should go to the auctions, look at the paintings but should only buy beautiful paintings through bidding that catches your eye.

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