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Top tips for cleaning your garage

Garages are usually busy places and can often serve as a dumping ground for all sorts of clutter. Not only do people keep bikes and cars in the garage, there are often tools and other equipment. This clutter makes it hard to keep the area clean so dirt and mess also build up. Read on for some great tips on how to de-clutter and clean your garage.

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The first thing to do is to take all the items out of the garage. Once everything is out you can start the cleaning process. You will need to scrub the ceiling, floor and walls with detergent and water with a sponge to thoroughly clean the interior. Begin at the top and work your way down. This way no dirt will be moved down onto the clean areas.

Work from top to bottom

Use a broom to remove cobwebs and then check all the light fittings and windows to make sure they are in good working order. Give the ceiling a wipe down and move onto the walls. While cleaning the walls, consider putting up more shelves.

Some cleverly designed garage shelving systems can make a big difference to the storage options in the garage. There are many options available for garageshelving, including wooden, plastic and metal shelving solutions.

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Next, the floor needs to be mopped and scrubbed. The floor is likely to be very dirty so this could be a tough process. After cleaning the floor it is always a good idea to paint it to protect it and make it easier to clean in future.

Painting can also make the garage feel like a proper room, so this can be a great investment of your time and effort. You might also want to paint walls but before painting, you need to get the surface in decent condition first by using fillers on any holes and perhaps a base coat.


After cleaning, you can replace your items, but first, you need to get rid of any items that you don’t need. The chances are there are many things that can be thrown away.

You can sort things into piles with a different pile for items to keep, items that need mending, items that can be sold or given to charity and items that can be thrown away.