Goddess Durga is considered as the symbol of ultimate energy and protective mother of the cosmos. She is worshipped and believed in, by all the Hindus, especially the devotees residing in the eastern part of India, Bengal. She has been synonymous with bravery as she had fought many battles with the evils to protect her devotees and believers and for eradicating their miseries. In Fact, The word ‘Durga’, in Sanskrit means a place which is tough to overrun. The goddess has various embodiments, namely, Kali, Ambika, Bhavani, Lalita, Kandalini, Bhagvati, Java, Gauri, and Rajeswari.

The Hindus love adorning their houses with Maa Durga paintings and motifs. However, even after seeing some elements remaining unchanged in Maa Durga paintings and sculptures, people still remain unaware of the implied meaning of each of those prevalent symbols. Hence, in this blog post, we will tell you the meaning of those symbols. Take a look.

  • The conch shell-

The conch shell is used to reverberate the mystical sound of Om. Maa Durga is shown holding this top signify the power and blessing of Om that she holds while fighting the evil energies. It is also a symbol of abundant positivity. Hence, it also stresses on the fact that no negative energy can stay for long around the goddess.

  • The bow and arrows-

Goddess Durga is shown holding bow and arrows in either of her hands to show her strength and power. It is also a representation of the balance of kinetic and potential energy. It also means that she has full control over the ample of energy she has.

  • The Thunderbolt-

The lighting is to remind the onlookers to fight and face fearlessly every challenge they face in their life. The goddess is always by the side of her believers to eliminate the problems they face. She can solve problems as quickly as the lighting can destroy anything it strikes.

  • The Lotus-

The lotus in the hand of the goddess has not bloomed fully. Moreover, the lotus always grows in the mud. So, this symbolizes the importance of remembering roots and never getting influenced by the mud and dirt of greed and all the otherworldly things. If one can resist the greed then only he can succeed and bloom in full swing just like the lotus.

  • The Sudarshan Chakra-

The Sudarshan Chakra is held by the Goddess with her index finger. The chakra spins continuously which is an indication of the power of Durga and that the world is run at her command. Moreover, she uses this weapon to kill the evil which further aids in maintaining the environment of development and truthfulness.

The divine Maa Durga paintings and sculptures always show Maa Durga with multiple hands to show her ever readiness and proactiveness to fight with the evil, irrespective of the power and size of the wicked force. Also, don’t forget to share this with a devotee of Maa Durga.

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