A trendy scooter for your city travel

The structure of the scooter is made up of chrome and the dimensions according to length, breadth and height; 1850 mm, 822 mm and 1270 mm respectively make it the ideal venture for riding. The headlamps of the system are made out of the lens that is curved in shape and the design is totally glamorous. The rear view mirrors are the twin and are located on either side. They are composed of black and a little speck of contrasting colours. The two-seater has a ground clearance of about one hundred and fifty-five metre that helps it to avoid any sort of risk while riding on the hitches on the Indian terrain.


If you are eagerly searching for a trendy looking scooter it is always better ti use the iconic model of the Hero duet that has all the specifications to attract the attention of the riders towards itself. It has got a v-shaped figure and thus the people are deliberately appreciating the cool looks of the model.

The kerb weight of the scooter is about one hundred and ten kg and being lightweight it is being preferred by most of the people as they are easy to handle and park. Thus the scooter has become a favourite among a lot of people and they constantly love the kind of features that are wrapped in the system.  Honda has made a huge success with this model and the fuel tank of five litres gives the rider ample option to fill fuel into the system.

Moreover, the fuel indicator keeps you updated with the quantity of fuel you are left with. The anterior portion of the scooter consists of several well-designed instrument panel that enables it to feature the analogue dials such as the fuel gauge, odometer as well as the speedometer. Moreover, the scooty comes up with the integrated braking system and the rider can easily stop the bike easily without any jerks or trouble at any point of time. Moreover, the scooter has these salient features that help it to afford a smooth ride along the busy terrains of India. The model is available in several unique colours like the panther black and the blazing red that are absolutely funky and charming. Any rider would look awfully good with such a modest look. The body graphics holding elongated turn lamps and chrome-tinted exhaust pipes make the bike one among the most wanted branded scooters that are available in the present days. The scooter produces an average mileage of sixty-four km per litre.

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The scooter features a good deal of ride for the city dwellers. Time has changed and it has been a long span when technology has carried out its advancement. Thus it has been the high time when the era is calling up the people to peep out of their conventional thoughts and do something unique and versatile. Technology is taking a lot of advancements each day and so are the companies who have been continuously dealing in this field. The honda group has been making every possible attempts to drag out the genre of uniqueness and versatility through this model. The simplicity of the two-seaters blended with its awesome specifications and a little bit of wild look has personified the hearts of the thousands. The bike is good enough to be placed in the garage and is recently rising to be the famous system among the people especially for the beginners as well as the ladies. Moreover, it is preferably appreciated by the present generation of the youth as well.