Waxing the car is a protective step that protects its paint job as well as offers a shine to the car’s surface. Wax protects cars from rain, dirt, salt, and more. Due to these elements, there are more chances of car’s surface getting scratched. After some time, the paint also becomes dull. These issues can be overcome by applying wax on the car’s surface.

Different types of waxes are available in the market. You can choose any one for your car and apply it. With a wax layer on your car’s surface, you can protect your car from sun rays, rain, salt water and more such elements. This is easily possible with the wax applied in an appropriate manner. If you are using it for the first time and are not aware about how to use it, read on to know the correct method.

Never Start Auto Detailing with Wax: Before applying the wax, make sure that the car’s surface is completely dry. If the surface has water droplets or dirt, the wax will lock them on the surface. Later, this will give bad look to your car. Hence, it is better to wash the car, let the surface dry completely and then apply the best car wax.

Ensure the Surface is Dry: The car’s surface must be completely dry before beginning the waxing process. Any droplets of water if gets mixed with the wax will leave marks on the surface. Later, it would be difficult to remove those marks. Thus, it is better to dry the vehicle using a piece of cloth. If it is left to dry, water spots might appear later.

Avoid Using Dirty Sponge to Apply Wax: Wax is applied to add shine to the car’s surface. If it is applied using a filthy sponge, the car surface might get scratched. There are possibilities of new scratches that might affect the looks of car’s surface.

Practice Proper Techniques: For applying wax, you must properly know how to use it. Following accurate technique will prove a difference in the final result. Hand movements play a special role in waxing the car. As per the advice circular motions help in covering a larger area but might leave swirl marks at the end. To avoid such mistakes, auto professionals recommend front-to-back motions. The top panels such as hood, trunk, roof can be waxed easily through this process.

Generally, the waxes give best results on applying a thin layer. Initial application of too much wax leaves a thick or uneven coat. Additionally, it ends up in a time-consuming and long clean-up process. Once the wax is applied on the surface, use microfiber towels to wipe the excess of wax applied on it. When using the towel, keep rotating it to ensure that you are using the cleanest side. Therefore, buy a pack of best wax for car and use it in the right manner to get a clean and shining car’s surface.

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