There are nearly 40 million vehicles on the roads in the UK and inevitably some of them will suffer a breakdown. Every year, there are more cars on the road.

Big Brand Cars

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According to the highly respected motoring organisation, the RAC the most common car in the UK is the Ford Fiesta, and there are currently around 1.5 million of them. Not far behind are the Ford Focus at 1.3 million and then the Vauxhall Corsa at 1.1 million.

However, things can go wrong with all of the big brands, and here are some examples.

Clutch problems

Clutches can slip and they can get burnt out especially in higher mileage vehicles. Cars that are likely to suffer from this fault are the Ford Focus, the Vauxhall Astra and the Volkswagen Golf.

Brake problems

This could be because the car needs new discs, pads or silicone hoses. The big brands most likely to need help are the Volkswagen Passat, the Land Rover Discovery and the BMW 3 Series.

Brake problems

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Air conditioning problems

It may be necessary to source some new parts for the air conditioning system of a car from Silicone Hose Manufacturers as the vehicle gets older. Air conditioning in cars is now considered a necessity and not a luxury. Unfortunately, it is most likely to go wrong in a Vauxhall Zafira, a Volkswagen Golf and an Audi A4.

Exhaust gas recirculation valve problems

Exhaust gas recirculation valves became famous for all the wrong reasons during the recent emissions scandal. They can cause problems in all vehicles, but recently most faults have been recorded in Land Rover Discoveries and Land Rover Discovery Sports, Vauxhall Astras and Volkswagen Transporters.

Problems with the windows

Electric windows are more likely to go wrong than the wind-down version. The motors that wind the windows up and down can burn out, and this is most likely to happen in the Renault Megane, in the Renault Scenic and in the Audi A5.

Cylinder head gasket

Have you spotted white smoke coming out of your car or signs of coolant leaking onto the ground? This could be a tell-tale sign of a cylinder head gasket failure. It’s reported in about three out of every hundred breakdowns. The cars most likely to develop this fault are the Vauxhall Corsa, the Peugeot 207 and the Citroen C3.

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