Mahindra has always been the leading car manufacturer over the past few years when it comes to the segment of off-road vehicles and SUVs. It has been a reliable car manufacturer and widely trusted and renowned when it comes to long distance travels, expedition, or on a rough journey. It always comes through and fulfils the expectations. Mahindra has been a favourite for the customers to modify their car by the renowned customizers and car modifiers to give it, even more,a dynamic look which would stand out from the rest.

‘Blackhawk’ is an edition of the rugged looking Mahindra Tharand has been modified giving it stealth look, larger body kit and better features which would easily entice a viewer and be termed as a status symbol for the owner.

Black Hawk

The newly modified edition of the Mahindra thar black hawk has stirred up a lot of interest in the market, and the viewers have been in awe seeing the design. No one would believe it is a model that is crafted and designed in India and the new add-ons have been mind-blowing. The stock version of the soft top roof of Mahindra Thar has been replaced with hard fibre roof which gives it a sturdy and muscular look. The add-on of widebody kit provides extra-wide fenders to the vehicle.  Further, to give it an elegant and premium look, it is fitted with carbon fibre inserts around the tail lamps and the side of the car, gives it a premium and classy look.

The body paint of the vehicle is complete in the matte finish of black theme with dashes of red highlights which gives it a killer look but also minimalistic and elegant.

The interior

There isa significant upgrade in the interior of Mahindra thar black hawk. The seats have been given faux leather which provides it with a rich and luxurious look which is a much bigger update than the stock version. By replacing rear bench seats, a new lining is placed which gives it a much larger space for utilization in carrying equipment as well as for sitting of people over short distances.

Utilization of body kits have been from a perspective of add-ons and the structure of the vehicle is not changed. This body kit can be quite useful in the off-roading journeys. The hardtop roof has been enforced with six layers which make it very durable and robust.

Modification and customization job for the cars has been on the rise due to vast influence from the western culture and movies, and it is a trend which has been developed in this country as well.  Often it happens that a buyer would purchase an affordable car and have it customized as per his design which would make the car stand out from the rest.

Cars of Mahindra such as Tharand a few others are in demand of modifications because of its usefulness as an off-road vehicle as well as for city use. The design of the stock car is also an added advantage because further modifying the vehicle will only make it look more lethal, rugged and elegant.

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