What all Ocean Freight Services proffer you with?

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services connect you to all chief and primary ports across the world. It is fully licensed and is termed as NVOCC which means Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier. Our contract runs with all main shipping lines as well as consolidators.

We include following types of services-

  • Full Container Load or FCL

We employ FCL Freight shipping for transporting valuable stuff separately. Most of our customers do not want their precious and delicate stuff to be transported with other cargo and hence FCL services are offered to them. If they need to ship a huge amount of load which is 12+ pallets, FCL is the best option.

  • Less than Container Load or LCL

If the customer wants to share his container space with other customers who too want to ship their cargo, LCL is a wonderful option. This alternative is far more cost effective than FCL. Hence, ship your smaller loads overseas to the desired place whenever you want.

  • Reefer Containers:

Ocean Freight Services bequeaths this kind of services to ship refrigerated goods. All those who want to avail this facility for commercial or personal reasons to prevent their goods from spoilage or humidity should use these services. Their goods are shipped in a temperature controlled containers whether their demand is freezing temperature or the moderately cool environment.

  • Hazardous Containers and Dangerous Goods:

We even transport dangerous goods like pharmaceutical substances, explosives, various gases, inflammable fluids, combustible solids, corrosive substances, oxidizing materials, dry ice, fuel cell engines, lithium batteries and many other substances. Our professionals are certified in handling dangerous goods and they assist in handling hazardous goods via freight services with optimum safety to the desired destination. Our company meets compliance and the international regulations precisely.

  • Roll –On, Roll- Off :
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We have been shipping any types of automobiles, tractors, motors, trailers etc successfully for years. If you wish to transport any heavy equipment or machinery on wheels that comes in the category of roll-on or roll-off cargo, contact us; as we are specialized in Ro-Ro vessel transport.

  • Container Loading and Unloading:

We take complete responsibility for loading and unloading your containers. Our Ground shipping network transports your cargo to the final destination on your demand.

  • Transloading Container Trucking:

If you wish to save on warehouse expenses while saving time you can avail our transloading services. We load your cargo in our trucks as soon as it reaches the port and sends it directly to the destination saving your precious time.

  • Warehousing and Distribution

We have connections with warehouse spaces on ports across the globe. This assists us greatly in managing the inventory and the distribution with heightened ease without creating any confusion.

  • Importing or Exporting the Shipping Documentation:

All the necessary documents that deal with credits or the import/ export process is a true headache and we as professional and experienced freight forwarder make the process hassle-free. We do all the paperwork and proffer you with bills of landing and other mandatory documentation facilitating the process.

  • Cargo Insurance:

To safeguard you from any kind of losses or damages, we provide cargo insurance. It safeguards our customers from seawater flooding, storms, vessel collision, any act of God or unforeseeable circumstances.

So, stay stress-free and enjoy our services 24 x 7 x 365.

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