Instagram has 1 billion users. If you are interested in becoming successful on Instagram, you have to worry about numerous things. As the competition has started to become fierce, making use of clever hashtags as well as posting on a regular basis is not enough for cutting this competition. If you are interested in getting more likes as well as followers, it is crucial that you have knowledge about the ideal tools that you can use on Instagram along with the trends. In this manner, you will understand whether everything that you are doing is ideal for building a great presence on Instagram.

Given below is a list of the top trends that you should watch out for this year and also ensure that you are putting it into practice.

Augmented reality story filters

A unique and exciting way of promoting the brand is with the help of interactive content. Instagram has created a closed beta program in order to permit certain celebrities and brands to create augmented reality filters for Instagram Stories. This is going to help the Instagrammers to spread awareness of their brand by using their branded custom filters. Since Instagram is allowing more third parties to create custom augmented reality filters, it is obvious that the brands now have a great tool for advertising as well as promoting themselves on this visual platform.

Leveraging the growth tools on Instagram

It does not matter as to how amazing the social media strategy that you have is. Currently, the big players are responsible for making use of the growth tools for getting more followers, likes, as well as various other types of engagement. You can visit the reputed website,, in order to get likes from real people. Otherwise, you are only going to have numerous followers, who are not going to help in growing the Instagram results, most importantly, the sales, conversions, and traffic from Instagram.

Influencer authenticity

When you are collaborating with the influencers, it is crucial that you consider authenticity, as it is one of the most important factors, that you cannot miss considering. It is extremely easy to get numerous followers if you are interested in getting them, but, the ideal influencers are always those people, who are known to have followers, who have a genuine interest for the content of the influencers. In simple words, you should only trust influencers, who are known to have true influence over the followers. Before you decide to work with a particular influencer, it is your responsibility to research them as well as understand their presence on social media.

Buying directly on Instagram

Earlier, if you were interested in selling a particular product, you had the option of advertising it on this platform and then buyers would click on a particular link for purchasing it. However, the shopping feature of Instagram has allowed people to buy the products directly. This feature is something that is going to make your followers more likely to purchase products from you.


It is crucial that you understand all the trends that have been mentioned above. All the brands are constantly competing against each other and you should ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a digital marketer and an Instagram influencer, and she suggests brands to remain updated with the latest Instagram trends. She suggests visiting for getting more likes from real people.

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