Hip disorders can often be a problem, as it is one of the prominent joints of the body. Diseases and injuries in the hip can lead to issues in body movements like walking, sitting, standing, bending and even sleeping. 

Apart from injuries, arthritis pain in adults is one of the other reasons that can create considerable interference in day to day life. If a person is suffering from any hip disorders, he must consult with an orthopaedic doctor immediately. 

It is possible to treat issues in the hip joint by non-surgical methods, but in the later stages, the patient cannot gain any relief in the condition by drugs or therapies. For end-stage hip joint disorders, the only possible treatment is Hip Replacement.

Top 5 Signs That a Patient Needs Hip Replacement:

If the patient is suffering from the following health issues, the only treatment option is a hip replacement. When we talk about orthopaedic treatment, the patients across the world visit India to avail Best Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

  • Stiffness in The Hip Joint:

The hip joint does not support the body to perform the mandatory function. The patient has issues in bending, putting on socks or shoes, sitting for a long time at one place, considerable problems in changing the position from sitting to standing or vice-versa.

  • Inability to Perform Physical Activities:

When the pain in the hip joint increases with movement or performing any physical activities and slow down with rest, the condition requires a hip replacement.

  • Delayed Hip Pain:

When the patient is unable to move from his position after performing any heavy exercises or physical activity due to chronic pain.

  • Inflammation in the Hip:

When the sickness or problem in the hip joint increases, it is not feasible to find a solution without surgical treatment. The changes are now visible, apart from pain, one can observe the swelling around the hip joint.

  • Bone-on-Bone Arthritis:

 It is a condition when the imaging tests show that bones in the hip joint are touching each other.

It is better to go with the surgical treatment if the orthopaedic doctor suggests you for the same else there can be significant issues with the recovery. If the condition of the hip joint becomes worse, the surgical treatment can be complicated and involve more risks.

Why Choose India for Hip Replacement? 

India seeks the first position in orthopaedic treatment both for hip replacement and knee replacement. It is because of the unbeatable success record of the surgeries by the best orthopaedic surgeons in India and also the affordable cost of treatment. 

 Hip Replacement India Price in USD is 6,000. However, it is not fixed but variable depending upon the physical condition of the patient and also the proceedings of the treatment. If you compare it to the cost of treatment in other developed countries, it is just one-fourth of the total expenses.

After receiving the treatment in India, it is possible for patients to recover quickly and get back to a healthy life without much hindrances.

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