7 Cool Apps to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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We all sometimes need help with organizing our lives and keeping up with its often hectic pace. Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet and smartphones, so help can be very easy to find. It is seldom said that there is an app for everything, and judging from a total number of apps out there, which surpassed 4 billion on Google Play and App Store combined, we tend to believe that is true. A significant number of these apps are designed to help you get better control of your life and your habits, but deciding which ones are worth downloading can be a tedious process. Here are our picks that can help you make a better choice.


We’ll kick off with Timeneye, an app that helps you manage your time. The app is a free and well-designed solution to help you monitor how much time you are spending on various aspects of your life, including work, gaming, hobbies and everything else you can think of. You can sync it with Google Calendar or other calendar apps you are using and keep an eye on how you spend your days. A word of warning, results may amaze, once you discover you spent 100 hours this week on Farmville.

Focus Booster

The epidemics of procrastination has swept over the world and fortunate are those few who haven’t been affected by it. Delaying or entirely skipping important task has become a norm in our behavior and there have been countless remedies suggested, but not many work as intended. Focus Booster can help you with that by dividing your time into easily manageable 25-minutes chunks, during which you will focus on the work at hand. After that, you can take a break. If you stop the timer, that entry won’t be recorded in your timesheet. The app is based on the Pomodoro technique and is supposedly very effective for increasing productivity and cutting on the time you spend procrastinating.

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Online Gaming

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so we have to recommend some gaming apps as well. Fortunately, there are so many to choose from that the choice boils down to personal preferences. Depending on what you enjoy playing, there is a myriad of first-person shooters, sports simulations, strategies, and God knows how many other styles and genres on the market today. If you prefer gambling, you have plenty of apps for that as well. Apps like AskGamblers app are sure to keep you busy for quite some time and provide an interesting change of pace from the usual daily grind.


If you enjoy shopping and spend unreasonable amounts of time and money on it, Slice can be a lifesaver. The app connects to your email account and collects all the receipts you receive for purchased goods. You will get your spending in a nicely organized report. But that is not everything this app does. It also keeps track of the products you bought and will notify you every time the price drops, so you can save some money shopping.

Way of Life

Most of us have some bad habits we want to break, but it is not always easy. Whether it is lack of sleep or poor eating habits, getting rid of them would help us greatly improve the quality of our life. Enter Way of Life, a nice little app that will help you set daily or weekly goals and keep track of how you fulfill them. You will get multiple daily reminders, a progress bar for keeping track of your progress towards your current goal and scoreboard for feedback.

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Dropbox is a cloud service that allows you to upload your files so you can access them from anywhere. It is very handy, but it can get confusing fast, especially for people who use it in its full capacity. Hundreds, often thousands of files can make finding the one you need an impossible task, especially if you can’t remember the name correctly. SortMybox is designed to help you declutter your Dropbox and organize it, so next time you are looking for something it won’t take half an hour. You can set various filters which will help you keep it organized in the future.

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Finally, we have something for people who like to stay in shape. Tribesports can monitor and help you analyze all your training routines, regardless if it is running or weightlifting. It uses GPS to better track your movements, records your routines, and monitor your stats, like weight. It allows you to set fitness goals and provides you with a detailed overview of your progress towards them. Another handy feature of Tribesports is that it allows you to connect with similarly minded people around the world and share your progress and see how they are doing, keeping you motivated. One downside to using these apps is that they require constant input from their users, but once you make a habit out of it, it won’t feel like a chore. In return, you will get help in balancing your work life and your free time, which is essential to your long-term wellbeing.