Everybody likes to travel and in traveling, we are very in choosing the best destination and the suitable accommodation in that place. Let me suggest you a wonderful destination –Belgaum known as Belgavi .and some of the budget hotels in Belgaum.

All About Belgaum

Belgaum is the place where beautiful nature and history meets and you can travel here with cheap money because it has Budget hotels in Belgaum, less travel expense, etc.

nature is very kind with is  Situated at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range on the Western Ghats with dark and dense forests,  beautifully flowing rivers,  waterfalls, and lush greenery in most part of.

For the religious pilgrim, Belgaum also has a number of ancient temples. While some of them are in the heart of the city, while others are located within the fort walls, and some others can only visit by trekking or walking through the hills or the forests.  these age-old temples are filled with wonderful architecture and historical importance are undoubtedly worth to visit.

The forts in Belgaum are great tourist spots, especially for those who interested in history. Each fort has some historical importance and stores, and there are many inscriptions on the walls of forts and palaces. Rather than this Belgaum is an important commercial hub and export center for Karnataka

So you have all the reason to stay here so just check for budget hotels in Belgaum

Top budget hotels in Belgaum

The below hotels are a personal choice and I am sure that none of them disappointed you

Hotel Inland Avenue

It is one of the budget hotels in Belgaum. Which is known for better facilities and ambiance. The room is very neat and tidy. It is in a better position that staying in this hotel this you easily get transportation facility to all part of the city. It is very cheap that it only cost rupees 2000  for one night

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Hotel Suvarna Mandir

Another budget hotel in Belgaum.  This hotel is only 1.3 kilometers away from Belgaum Railway Station so it is very easy to reach. This place is known for the best treatment and food. The behavior of staffs in this hotel is ever memorable. It only cost rupees 800 per night here.

Western Tower Hotel

Another budget hotel in Belgaum. It is the best hotel in the city .it is in the best location which is good for travel all around the city.. staff here is very good and the hotel is really very clean. I will give a 5-star rating to this hotel and its restaurant which is Top-in-town. One night stay here costs only 2000* rupees

Hotel Triveni

It is a budget hotel in Belgaum situated in Shivaji Nagar. It is very near to many tourist libations. They provide you better-staying conditions and facilities. The neat and clean atmosphere in this hotel is fit for you to refresh. This hotel cost only rupees 1000 per night.

Hotel Surya Yatri Niwas

This budget hotel in Belgaum is a Good place to stay for business opportunities. Nearby to the bus stand and friendly staff. Food is very good with complimentary breakfast. They have an in-house restaurant too. The rooms here are neat and clean.  it is only rupees 1000 to stay here.

Hotel Rajpurohit Rajwada

In this budget hotel in Belgium is the best choice. its overall experience is very good. You will surely like the fast service provided here. the staff here is very co-operative. the rooms were clean with all the amenities promised .you will surely love this place. This place cost only ₹ 933 per night.

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