7 Signs of a Great Online Tailor you need to Pay Attention to

Online Tailor

There is as such no exact definition to categorize who is the best tailor and who is the worst for online tailoring service. But there are certain signs of a great online tailor that one should pay attention to.  A good tailor is one who understands your style and needs so that you don’t need    to worry about dress will be ruined totally.

     The 7 signs of a great online tailor are as follows:

Online Tailor

  1. Maximum Positive Offline Reviews

You should personally visit the area, where the tailor is residing or having his/her store and seek reviews from the people about him/her. The local people will have obviously better reviews about the concerned tailor than the online reviewers. If the opinion of your stylish friends or the random people you choose to review the tailor is negative, then it is better to hunt for some other tailor for online tailoring or search in some other place for a good tailor.

  1. Interview The Tailor Over Phone

You can ask the tailor many questions related to the design and style you love. Being their customer, he/she should not hesitate to answer any of your questions.  You can ask the tailor, can he/she shorten a sleeveless jacket from shoulders.  If the online tailor says no, you should drop the idea of hiring him/her because a good tailor will always be capable to do this alteration, while as a semester will lack confidence.

  1. Check The Professionalism Of the Tailor

The professionalism is must in every job. You should visit the tailor’s store and meet people there in person.  Take a look and hand over one of your garment to a person standing there, if he/she throws or drops the garment on the floor that is not a good sign.

  1. Cleanest Store In The Area

A good tailor will always have the cleanest store in the area because good people also care about presentation more than anything. It is a sign of a true professional tailor. And it also shows that the tailor is not lazy or sluggish who will make you wait for a long time to get the dress stitched.

  1. Check The Work Of Tailor
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Not just of tailors, it is mandatory in every profession to check the track record, portfolio to know the experience and portfolio of the service provider. You can ask the tailor questions related the style and design of your dress. A good tailor will be always proud to display his work, expertise and finished product.  Check if the dress has loose threads or the finished product is tidy.

  1. Give Your Tailor A Test Run

To strengthen your confidence in the tailor, you can handover a garment to him/her, you don’t mind ruining.   From the dress, you will get an idea of the expertise and experience of the tailor. A good tailor will suggest you more alterations in the dress.  They will scrutinize the dress from every angle and alter the fabric so that it fits properly on your body.

  1. Apply Your Sick Sense

Apply your sick sense and go with your gut. Some tailors suggest changes in the dress which ruin your already perfectly stitched dress.  The tailor should not try to hassle you so cross question to know their intentions.


   If your online tailor professional passes all the tests, you have made him/ her pass through,      then it is the time to check their attitude and behavior towards their customers. If you are the   old customer, check whether he/she remembers your name, preferences. If the tailor  remembers, then it is a good sign of future.


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