How brands use music to maximise sales

brands use music

From the ever romantic ‘our song’ and the rousing upbeat dance tracks of our youth, to the annoying Muzak torture of being left holding on a telephone line and nostalgic year end rendition of Auld Lang Syne, music is something which provokes powerful emotions in so many situations. It’s not a surprise then to learn that it is also an integral feature of sales and advertising campaigns.

brands use music

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How did music become such a feature?

Research has shown that playing quiet music affects the way people in range of it behave. Perhaps the calming effect of soothing instrumental music is what makes workers more productive, and patients undergoing surgery feel less pain and recover faster? Either way, such results have been eagerly adopted by brands keen to boost the sales of their products and services.

How does this process work?

Retailers who recognise the power of in store music often employ experts to create a specially designed playlist of music which adds an extra element to the overall ‘shopping experience’. Of course, the ultimate aim is to create the perfect conditions for shoppers to stay longer, browse and spend extensively.

brands use music

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It’s possible to throw a CD onto the system and hope for the best, but for worthwhile results specialist companies such as Mood Media provide an array of instore music here which are designed specifically for a specific audience. Danny Turner, senior vice president of the US mega company Target, readily acknowledges the value of using music to create an emotional connection between customers and store.

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It makes sense that fast music speeds people up, making it a no-go for shops, but ideal for restaurants, while slower tunes keep them inside, and spending, for longer; or that Christmas themes quite naturally evoke the need to buy more seasonal items.


Another, and quite different way in which music can boost brand recognition, sales and customer loyalty is when the two come together in a sponsorship deal. Young adults (from 18 – 34) especially favour brands which offer financial support to popular festivals featuring live music.

There are many ways brands can utilise the power of music to increase their sales figures exponentially. However, success requires a dedicated strategy designed to target their desired demographic and desired customer behavior.


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