How Can Using Proactive Chat Increase Your Customer Base?



When you choose top call center outsourcing companies, you expect a phenomenal increase in sales and satisfaction of the customers. When you don’t get what you expect, you get involved in the blame game. However, doing so is of no use. Remember, when the desired result isn’t achieved, the fault necessarily might not be from the call center’s end.

Acquiring an outsourcing call center for the customer support services that you don’t really need might be the reason. Some companies hire an outsourcing call center for managing inbound calls even when they have just started their business. Clearly, the number of calls received would be low. In such a situation and even after that, employing the proactive chat feature can prove to be tremendous for your business. It not just engages the interested customers who due to some reason or the other don’t initiate a chat but also provides assistance to them and helps you in persuading a customer.

Thus, in this post, we tell you how proactive chat can help you in adding more customers to your customer base.

Customizes the Chat Invitation

Websites that don’t wait for the customers to kick-start a conversation usually are able to get more customers. The customers actually enjoy the importance given to them. The proactive chat feature helps in trigging the interest of the potential customer. It escalates the interest of the customers in your brand. It is a strong tool for persuading the potential and make him buy your product soon.

Set Time to offer Chat

Before you start a chat or conversation with the person visiting your site, seek their permission. While initiating a chat is necessary, it is vital to know the time visitor will be comfortable in chatting. A customer might not be initiating conversation because he is busy somewhere. So, while the proactive chat option starts the conversation, check if the customer is responding or not. You should drop a message asking them the good time to talk or call.

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Know the Customers Pre-Chat History

If you want your chat to be effective and persuasive enough to make the customers take action for buying the product immediately, you need to have some basic information about them beforehand according to top call center outsourcing companies. While chatting if you will already be acquainted with their requirement, convincing and enticing them towards your product or service would get way easier.

Summing up

Besides the aforementioned points, you can do other things as well to turn potential customers into customers. You can update the frequently asked questions and chat transcripts. This way most of the customers get a solution to their problems without making an effort to chat or call. The FAQs also save a lot of time of the agents. Just remember to design them properly. The option of proactive chat and the updation of FAQs will improve the customer experience which in turn would lead to increase in sales.