Infertility Causes and Symptoms in Men and Women

In this cruel and mean world, the infertility issues are often subjected as something sinful and the ones who suffer from these issues go through a lot to sustain a better life in our ‘so-called’ modern society.

Of course, the pain and agony of not being able to bear a child are too much but it’s not anyone’s fault to possess such abnormalities; it can happen with anyone and everyone having clinical abnormalities with their reproductive system.

Although we have some Best Fertility Clinic in India to take care of the fertility concerns, dealing with this issue is still a pain that prevails across the nation. Coming to the causes and symptoms of infertility, there are some common reasons that probably all human beings know but there are some clinical details which not all of us know and we are going to discuss them in details below.

Infertility causes and symptoms in men


The common infertility symptoms include improper or lessened body hair growth in men, abnormality In sexual behavior and desires, absence if hoarseness in the voice even after attaining the age of male puberty, etc.

The other clinical symptoms include

  • Facing issue with ejaculation or erection of the penis- the male sex organ
  • Formation of lump or swelling and pain in the testicles
  • Poor growth of the reproductive organs
  • Small and firm testicles
  • Lesser sperm production
  • Limited growth of the male reproductive organ


The most common causes of why a man faces infertility issues the varicocele swelling, where the testicle veins get swelled up and thus leads to “abnormal testicular temperature regulation” that in turn produces lesser sperm count.

Apart from it, there are other causes of male infertility that includes genetic issues, testis twisting inside the scrotum, undescended testis at birth, radiation damage, effect of drugs or some medicines, spinal cord or prostate injuries, pituitary lumps and other hormonal imbalances, premature ejaculation, infrequent intercourse, infection in the epididymis, reproductive nerves’ damage and many other such kinds of issues are there which causes infertility amongst men.

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Infertility causes and symptoms in women


Though it’s not so common to detect infertility in a woman before she sets for her first conceiving, these general symptoms can be helpful to understand about her sexual health more.

  • The female infertility symptoms include
  • Irregular or no periods at attaining puberty,
  • Painful periods with heavy cramps,
  • Pain and swelling in the testicles,
  • Hormonal fluctuations like reduced sexual desire, skin and hair problems, weight loss or gain, hair thinning, etc.
  • Painful sex experience


The causes are many that include

  • Infections in the reproductive pathways
  • Endometriosis
  • Chronic medical issues
  • Inflammatory disease of the pelvis
  • Genetic defect
  • Blockage in fallopian tubes
  • Lessened female gametes production
  • Irregular development of the uterus
  • Non-cancerous tissue clumps

Some of these causes in both males and females can be treated by the application of medications and proper medical treatments. But in some cases, the treatments fail to bring any positive changes in the reproductive system, thus leading to permanent infertility in them.

And take heart

these were some of the many infertility causes and symptoms in both the genders that are equally responsible for non-bearing of a child as against the social mentality of sick people who thinks only females are responsible when a couple fails to bear a child.

But with the emergence of technological advancements, the medical world has also seen some of the best discoveries among which the IVF and surrogacy procedures are a boon to the infertile couples.

Today we have the facilities of the best surrogacy treatment across the world which ensures everybody can attain the happiness of having a child even of either of the couple or both of them are infertile. So, the times of worry have gone and the “silver lining” after the clouds are here to stay for long and make the infertile couples happy.