Details on the EPF Registration Process – Every employee’s necessity

In this modern era, every global citizen is a part of a strenuous rat race taking place in our daily life, the race for our existence – the race for the minimal needs of survival. Every employee in our country is toiling hard to earn a good amount for their living. Hence, to fabricate their effort and make a kind of security money for their future, there is a government organization, organizing an employee’s provident fund – The employee’s provident fund organization. The employee’s provident fund organization is set up for the beneficiary for both the firm as well as the employee’s working in it. Thus, let us take a short glance at the EPF registration process, especially at the conditions and procedures involved.

EPF registration process

The EPF registration process is done separately for both, that is a separate procedure for the firm and another separate procedure for the employers. The firm which has 20 members or more can be considered for applying for the registration process in EPFO. Hence, let us take a look at the processes involved:

  1. The process of registration – The process of registration involves the following steps: –
  2. Visiting the required portal – The employer must visit the portal for registration in the Employee’s Provident Fund organization’s official website – On this website, one must click on the ‘establishment registration’ option to proceed in the process of registration.
  3.  Signing up – One must sign up first. The procedure would require providing the employer’s name, email address, mobile number or valid contact number, verification code, etc, after which the employer can finally sign up and move forward with other errands involved in the registration process.
  4. Registration for EPFO – ESIC and entering of the required establishments’ details – After following the previous instructions click on the option mentioned as ‘Registration for EPFO – ESIC’. Then click on the option ‘ Apply for new registration’. After then you have to input all the required establishment details, employment details, branch details, workers at the establishment branch, etc. Ensure to take enough time during filling up this section because any mistake during filling up this section can lead to cancellation for the application.
  5. Digital signature certificate – For a new applicant, the submission of a digital signature certificate is mandatory for registering in the Employee’s provident fund organization.
  6. The confirmatory email – For all these processes the employer must check the received confirmatory email from the Shram Suvidha. If one has not received this mail then he or she can contact the EPFO for further inquiry. 
  7. Documents required for registration at the EPFO – There is a list of documents that are required during the filling up of the employee’s provident fund application form by the employer. The list includes several documents like a copy of partnership deed, income tax documents, etc. One can check the list online on the official site of EPFO.
  8. Download EPF passbook – The employer should download the EPF passbook for having further transactions and tracking and documenting the deposits in the provident fund.

Therefore, the above-mentioned errands are necessary for registering in the EPFO to open a provident fund.       

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