We all live in houses. However has it ever occurred to us as to how our house or our office premises were built? The person who found interest in these questions is an architecture aspirant. Thus according to a definition, an architecture is a process as well as the product of planning, designing, constructing buildings etc. or any other innovative structures. This world has seen some of the finest architects who have gone over and beyond the usual design and created innovative structures. Sometimes these structures are not even made of the normal cement and usual building materials. Infact they are made of things such as paper pulp, glass etc. However such creativity needs a clear understanding of the Architecture theory. Thus a student interested to grow a career in architecture must select the best architecture colleges in Delhior any other part of India as per his own convenience. Architecture has a longer history than any other subject. It started from as early as the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro and is still one of the most interesting and creative concepts. Infact some of them are more of art work than actual living places. However there has been changes in the modern architecture unlike the previous times. Outlook of people has changed and thus the building has also modernised.

Some important factors to consider before joining Architecture colleges

One most important factor anyone should remember while applying for Architecture degree is that it requires good math skills. Thus students who are not very strong in mathematics or are scared of it better avoid this field. However still there could be some possibilities if one is genuinely interested in this subject. Admission 24 can help a student find the perfect fit college for a student. Thus one may discuss clearly with a professional regarding this subject.

One of the best ways to learn architecture is from the past. If one looks back in time there are some of the greatest Architecture available in the Roman era. Thus one must continuously study about these topics in books and internet to do his own research.

To learn great architecture a person must visit several places, national and international. Thus to become a good architect one must be a good traveller. One must do his own research.

Apart from these one must be a creative problem solver who can easily find out how to change a design based on ones convenience.

Lastly, studying in Top architecture colleges in Delhi is not enough. This subject requires a student to study hard to achieve success. Infact it is not a one time phenomenon. A good architect requires a life long commitment towards studying and research.

Career options after studying Architecture

Apart from a person becoming an architect there can be several other professions that he can take up. First is Architectural technologist. Using both CAD and traditional design techniques one can use architectural technologist prepares new designs that the client desires.

He can also become an interior decorators who mainly focus on the furnishing and decoration of the house. However whatever be the profession an architect must choose among the best architecture colleges in Delhi to provide the best result.

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