How to Manage Brand Reputation with CLM Software?

When marketing is discussed all businesses look for effective strategies to be followed. CLM or closed-loop marketing is a hot discussion amongst business presently. The CLM is effective as connects the consumers, improves sales and also enhances sales. When CLM is considered they rely mainly on customer data. The CLM or closed-loop marketing is where the customer is understood by the software and the details regarding the same is utilised for marketing. Here sales, customer behaviour, marketing, etc. all are handled in a closed loop.  

Let’s run through a few ideas about how to manage brand reputation with CLM software.

1.      Concentrating on content writing 

Content marketing is a significant parameter that leads to effective brand reputation management and results in positive brand reputation. The main aspect of inbound marketing is developing educational contents for issues faced by audiences. Instead of sales-related content, content marketing can concentrate on infographics, ebooks, blogs, etc. as these assist in the education of the audience rather than selling. Such informative contents are read by the audience and shared amongst colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. and this would increase the brand’s presence. It is believed that brands that concentrate on assisting their customers with helpful thoughts and ideas enhance the brand’s reputation. This, in turn, leads to good business growth.

2.      Enhanced customer satisfaction

It is important to possess satisfied customers in the organization for the long term. For this purpose, long term offerings can be spent. The CLM software in this scenario plays a key role in customer satisfaction. This is important for business growth as it develops a direct impact on a brand reputation where satisfied customers share their goo views with their friends and colleagues. This is another important aspect that helps in reputation management.

3.      Customer experience 

Customer experience is an important parameter to be focused on as price and products are important aspects that help in customer’s decision. In this case, the CLM software is one that helps in stellar customer experience. With CRM software customer experience can be attained by

  • Reaching customer for every quarterly to view their pain points.
  • With CLM software’s marketing automation, customer surveys can be sent to improve the offerings and services based on feedback.
  • The campaigning functionality, email newsletters and other company updates from CLM software can be utilised.
  • Excellent customer support must be maintained.
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 4.      Customer support

For a good brand reputation in the market place, it is important to concentrate on effectively solve the pain points of the customers. The CLM software has help desk automation functionality that helps in streamlining customer support for the brand. The business should remember to provide multiple support channels that help customers reach out the customer support easily to solve their issues. By this way, the FCR rate or first contact resolution can be improved. By using the CLM software platform the FCR rate can be traced.

5.      Negative comments are responded with social listening tools 

Negative comments are ones that must be responded quickly as they may spread like wildfire. To handle such issues the CLM software has social listening tools that help in notifying alerts about the brand on social media sites. The responses must be empathic as the responses are completely public. A humble response is hence a smart way that helps in developing a brand reputation.

6.      Customer interactions can be personalised 

With the assistance of CLM software, the contact leads, customers, prospects and enhanced insight about customers’ requirements, their interests, challenges, past support tickets, etc. can be obtained. With the CLM software, the sales executives and agents can gain complete details from the software before contacting the customer. By this way, the customer feels esteemed, there is good customer satisfaction, good rapport is developed and also brands reputation is maintained.

7.      Brand advocates 

Brand advocates can be anyone from employees, customers or ones who speaks positively about the brand. These advocates are ones who recommend the offerings to others. For managing the reputation of the brand, brand advocates are considered as an effective tool for businesses. When brands are recommended in social media platforms, the brand’s reputation can be enhanced from average to exceptional.


These are a few best practices that help in managing brand reputation with CLM software. The CLM software concentrates on customer satisfaction, customer experience, employee satisfaction and helps in satisfying all customer needs that helps the business grow. This CLM software is available for all industries to handle the customers and elevate brand reputation. The best aspect of the software is that it enhances social media engagement that further helps in brand reputation. The CLM software is developed with the state of the art technologies for improved business growth. This software deploys the best practices, have a competitive edge and best in class.

Bharat Vashistha

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