Manufacturing is one of the vital components in the revolutionary phase of development of any company where the internet of things is the key to produce many products efficiently.

Internet of Things – A boon for the factory in making it smart and manufacturing firms have invested a lot! In estimation for the year 2016, companies have invested more than $150 billion for IoT to boost the success rate of the smart factories. Besides, a study of International Data Corporation (IDC) shows companies have invested twice than the transportation purpose.

Stats of Markets Research show the expected market of smart factories can be reached to more than 200 billion at the growth rate of more than 9 percent. In a highly competitive market, smart manufacturing processes have great perceptibility, products, and resources.

In smart factories, a great improvisation has been deemed such as on return on investment, business operations and productivity as well. The most vital parts for improving the success rate of the smart factories are connecting devices, a combination of various industrial data as well as the safe manufacturing systems for a lifetime period.

With the help of IoT, some companies in developed countries have created trusted partners which are helping customers drastically and also great to connect and monetize the operation of the company in a secure environment. Hence, the internet of things and artificial intelligence would convert the manufacturing industries into “Industry 4.0.”

The connection between the internet of things and smart manufacturing:
You always hear about the smart manufacturing but it’s very important to know about the actual meaning of smart factories and how is the internet of things is making the manufacturing and what are the ancillary components with almost the same roles?

The process of smart manufacturer starts from the collection of the data automatically with great interpretation at the same time. Thus factory managers can take better and more efficient decisions optimizing the productions.

In this process, the data from sensors and machines transmit data to the cloud with the help of IoT connectivity which has already been deployed in the factory.
After getting the data through sensors, managers of the company analyze the data and after combining the contextual details, these are shared with the specific shareholders of the company.

After combining the IoT to the factories are able to send the data and has also an ability to control & accomplish the desired plans remotely. Moreover, they can change the plans promptly and thus the manufacturing reducing waste can be drastically curbed.

Smart factories also become smarter in the speedy production and most importantly, the quality products are always received. Smart factories are also able to detect any manufacturing quality issue of products and thus also fixes these in real-time. The smart manufacturing process also gives the information to the factory managers about the required commodities and how they can meet the real needs of the marketplace at the same time.

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For food companies, maintaining a great quality with the increasing rate of demand is important to grow in the market. So companies who have implemented smart systems for the manufacturing process have got a huge profit in the past few years.

With the help of sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and other smart devices, company managers can easily detect various problems from one place tackling at the same time.


Smart factories are a key to become successful in the manufacturing industries when the need for the products is excessively increasing. So it is very important to maintain the quality of the products but many surveys explicate the companies who are implementing conventional methods in the manufacturing process have not been successful in the past years.

On the other side, data received from the smart manufacturing about its manufacturing processes were astonishing. Smart factories have also become successful in maintaining the demand and manufacturing ratio. So it’ll be a key to get a huge success in the manufacturing industry for the companies in the upcoming years.

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