How to register in Punjab National bank Net Banking portal? – Guide for a Punjab National Bank Net Banking new user

In this dynamic world moving in the direction of progressiveness, new heights of modernization have dawned into the society which would provide more ease and act as the cherry on the cake for the next generation of netizens. The Internet, nearly capturing every activity in the field of our work had proven to be quite useful for saving the effort and time of our global citizens.  Thus, even in different financial institutions and monetary foundations, there are different applications of internet usage through the implementation of net banking.

There are several thousand banks in and around the world which have net banking facilities. Most of the banks in India have the same net banking facilities as well. One of these banks is the Punjab National Bank. Punjab National bank Internet Banking facilitates their account holders to fast and efficient bank transfers. Undoubtedly, these fund transfers through net banking save a lot of energy and time in comparison to the conventionally known method of fund transfer. To register in the Punjab National Bank Internet Banking portal, we have to follow certain steps –

Different steps for creating a net banking account at Punjab National Bank:-

  • Visit the official net banking site of the Punjab National Bank: – The Punjab National Bank has its official site which facilitates its net banking activities, which is – ‘ ‘. Upon visiting the site one can fill up the further procedures required to open a net banking account.
  • Click on the ‘New User’ option: – After visiting the official Punjab National Bank Net Banking site click on the new user option.
  • Select the model of banking:- Choose the mode of banking of your choice. If you choose for net banking, click on the ‘net banking’ option, if you choose banking through mobile operations, click on the ‘mobile banking’ option, and at last, if you are willing to take up both the above-mentioned choices then click on the ‘both’ option.
  • Enter the account number and choose the facility of your choice: – After performing the above-mentioned errands, enter your account number and choose the ‘Type of facility’ you want to avail that is sending an OTP (One time password) or a verification email. For example, if you click on the OTP option, a message with OTP (One time password) will be sent to your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, you have to enter your debit card number as well as your ATM pin. Hence, this is the initial process of setting up the net banking account.
  • Logging in, setting transaction passwords and receiving User ID: – Setting up Login passwords along with transaction passwords is required in the initial stage of this last step of setting up the net banking account. After setting the passwords in the required fields, one must note down the User ID which would be received at the end of the whole process by the user. After performing all the steps the newly registered user will receive the message of ‘Registration Successful’. The method of registration is similar to that of PNB HRMS LoginThe portal of PNB HRMS Login is for the employees of the Punjab National Bank.
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Therefore, the Punjab National Bank Net Banking account is created for its account holders.

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