Admission24 is a website, which features comprehensive information about education in India. It is a gold mine of details about educational institutions from pre-school to university. The company is all set to launch a mobile app on March 8, 2020, which gives access to all such information. With this app, students can find all the details about the universities of their dreams.

There is no consensus on what the goals of education would be. There is a variety of educational systems with varying objectives. Some thinkers have ascribed the role of education as important to the individual, stressing on its potential, impacting the personal growth of students, fostering their social identity, promoting independence, and setting up a profession.

Admission24 is a pioneering platform for encouraging the education sector in India. It is arguably Asia’s best portal for delivering information on education from the stage of play school to university. It goes even further to showcase job opportunities in the teaching and government sector.

The website is staffed by a team of excellent data miners who collect comprehensive information on the educational sector in India. Such information can help you make the most crucial decision of your life- where, how, and what to study. The company aims to assist you in every step of your educational ladder.

The website and its app store a wealth of information about universities, colleges, schools, playschools, personal tutors, and coaching classes, anywhere in India. Physical location is no bar, and the app integrates with Google Maps to direct you to the institution of your liking.

You can set up a meeting with the admissions team, principal, vice-principal, or management. Moreover, you can preserve your educational documents in a student database like transcripts, certificates, degrees, etc. You can also download any information like brochures, admission forms, etc. You can also download any information like brochures, admission forms, etc. In case you are preparing for competitive exams like board exams, medical or engineering entrance exams, you can download sample papers and any other information.

Using this app, stay updated with all news/development regarding the school, college, or university that you are following. Get Email alerts about such institutes. Gain access to student visa vendors if you are planning to study abroad.

Admissions24 can help students find the list of your dream universities. Get access to courses that appeal to you. Log onto Admission24 and click on the category on the landing page termed as ‘universities’.

You can search for the top-ranked universities of the country and their physical location. Hence, the app offers tremendous options. Search for courses like Bachelors, Masters, UG, PG, MPhil, Ph.D., post-doctoral, etc. The portal has a database of over 817 universities.

The app can also provide details of other aspects of universities like tuition fees, hostel fees, ranking, and rating in the country, etc.

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